It’s time for someone to get Bimbo Bombed by Readers

Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed: Corporate Consumption by Kris P. Kreme

When a ruthless female CEO finds that she has been Bimbo Bombed, she has the ultimate way out, the way she has mastered in her young profession, using others.

However when her secretary opens the email which starts her own punishment, Naomi Decanter finds that not all is fair in Bimbo Bombed business, and there are no ways of avoiding fair trade.

Having consumed and used everyone beneath her, Naomi Decanter will now consume of herself like never imagined, literally draining much more than her success and giving back like she never would have before.


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Nobody liked Naomi Decanter, even if every man under her probably lusted for her. Unfortunately none of those men was under Naomi in the way they probably would have preferred.

The busty bitch was truly evil incarnate and soulless, but beautiful and successful well beyond her years. As the youngest female CEO around, Naomi had no time for pathetic peons, those she knew had no drive or ambition, but she did have time for her morning routine, which was where her life was about to drastically change that fateful business morning.

Heading into her office with her usual perfect style, expensive pinstriped women’s suit, dominance in her eyes, Naomi did as she always did, sitting back at her modern desk with tablet in hand, checking her weekly schedule.

That was when a chime indicated a new email, and that email, like it or not, was going to truly bring new meaning to Corporate Consumption.

It seemed Naomi Decanter, the untouchable unattainable, and definitely unlikable, had been Bimbo Bombed. But unlike most out there, Naomi wasn’t stupid. She knew the Bimbo Bombs only worked by being opened, and she wasn’t about to open this email.

But what if not opening it was what did her in? She had to know, and this was where her years of the mastery of using others, of consuming their wills to get her way came in handy.

Calling her secretary in, Naomi has her open the email, then hand the tablet back, but had her secretary always been blonde? Hadn’t she usually worn glasses?

Sometimes there are things in life that are unavoidable, like hunger, and as soon as Naomi realized the error of her ways by reading that email, she also realized the hunger was not to be avoided. She had been Bimbo Bombed, and now… she hungered to feast off herself as much as she always consumed of others.

Will the great Naomi Decanter discover that it’s the fat tits underneath her expensive suit that matter most, and taste the best? Will she find all new success in draining her soon to be massive udders? And what about the poor lugs she recently laid off, those men just trying to earn an honest buck… will Naomi offer much better severance for their packages?

Only Reader’s Choice Month knows for sure, but you can find out by grabbing your own squeeze of the corporate cow in this fun little twisted tale of justice served.


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