There’s a position to be filled Readers…

Filling the Position by Kris P. Kreme

Filling the Position by Kris P. Kreme

Taylor’s Tavern, a popular night spot, never has seen the patrons so satisfied as the one night Sebastian Stone worked there.

John Taylor, owner, and his daughter Bethany, the manager, might never be the same after meeting and working with a mysterious simpleton named Sebastian Stone, a handsome hunk of a halfwit who has always miraculously gotten anything he wanted purely by charm and charisma.

Told to stay out of Bethany’s way and watch for holes, fill in where he can, Sebastian ends up filling holes alright, but not where anyone would have asked, even if women are quite thrilled to offer up whatever holes he wants.


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Everyone in town knows Taylor’s Tavern, a popular spot most any night of the week, bustling and bursting with customers to spare. However no one knows the newcomer to town that John Taylor has just hired on as an extra hand around the bar, a quite dashing if dim man named Sebastian Stone.

Brought in on one of the busiest nights of the week, Sebastian is easily out of place, overwhelmed, his casual smile and simple demeanor obvious to most but somehow never concerning.

Sebastian would never quite explain his abilities, his knack for just stumbling aimlessly through life, falling into just the right job at just the right time, somehow making his way purely by his unexplained charm and charisma.

Never having attended college, never having needed formal educational training, Sebastian just usually needs a handshake for whoever he interviews with to simply trust that he is the perfect fit, and that is what the successful business owner, John Taylor assures him as he walks the handsome man around his crowd filling bar before the night shift.

Even if ordinarily one might roll an eye or at the very least raise an eyebrow when a man took a comment like being a good fit to somehow be connected to the fit of his suit he was asked to wear, no one questions Sebastian Stone. They smile, they agree, they usually make his life much easier.

Tonight though, is the first night of Sebastian Stone’s career in the bar industry, and it’s going to be his last, especially after he totally misunderstands what John Taylor’s headstrong confident daughter tells him to do

Bethany Taylor has managed the bar quite well, used to the crazy pace, used to multi-tasking and directing her staff. She doesn’t have the patience for training, nor the unusual confidence in Sebastian her dad seems to have.

As it’s expected to be a chaotic night, and John Taylor has some business to attend to elsewhere until close to closing, Bethany is already strained. She has only one job for Sebastian Stone, something even a moron should be able to handle. She needs him to stay out of her way, watch for holes, and fill in where he can.

Of course leave it to a brainless man beauty like Sebastian to somehow entirely misread her intentions.

Finding lone women throughout the night, Sebastian offers to fill their holes, and naturally with a charm like his, they are eager to accept, no matter who they actually came to the bar with or to meet.

Just what will Bethany say when she finds out what is going on in hidden corners of her crowded popular night spot? Will she be able to resist that charmed doofus with a perfect square jaw and muscles to help him truly fill all the holes he can?

Reader’s Choice Month takes a night out to drink, and the man most in need of replenishing fluids might just be a guy named Sebastian Stone, who’s not good at much… but certainly is at Filling the Position.


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