Readers find Narration a changing experience

Still Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

Still Narrated by Kris P. Kreme

Several years back a young Asian girl awoke to find a voice inside her head, a voice that only she could hear, directing her to do very bad things.

Witness the return of a creature called the Narrator, a supernatural demon that feeds off directing the innocent into very bad behavior.

Simply taking a nap at her boyfriend’s place, Anya never suspected she would wake up as the future meal of a Narrator, and she certainly never planned for what she would soon willingly do with her nubile young body.


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Anya never had suspected that a simple nap at her boyfriend’s place would forever change her outlook on life, least of all how depraved her place was in that life. She also never expected to become the next meal of a supernatural being called a Narrator.

Waking up from her nap, she heard the disembodied voice, speaking with a subtle accent, speaking specifically about her waking up, literally describing and yet embellishing in such a way that it instantly had her unnerved.

Her boyfriend, Perry, is the one who puts on a serious face when he finds that his girlfriend has apparently heard a voice, disembodied, a voice from nowhere and everywhere, a voice he recalls reading a story about in recent years.

As he warns Anya, according to a very kinky and famed young Asian fetish model, she fell into her depraved lifestyle upon waking up shortly after her eighteenth birthday, hearing a voice which narrated her actions and soon her thoughts.

The creature is called a Narrator, Perry says, and once the Narrator has his hooks into a girl, he will narrate them right into the most crude perverse persona possible, corrupting their body and soul, feeding off the chaotic energy such corruption releases.

Assuming her boyfriend is playing a joke on her, rolling her eyes at even the suggestion of some demon called a Narrator, Anya ignores the warning, deciding to get changed before Perry’s friends come over as planned later that night.

Of course just when she is choosing what to wear, the voice from nowhere is back, a voice that seems as much inside her head as all around her, and a voice that quickly is pushing her over the edge.

Having always been the good girl, the responsible girl, the sweet and kind girl, only a supernatural being could literally narrate Anya into desiring what she can’t help but desire.

Will Anya give in and suffer the fate another young woman suffered not too many years earlier? Will she choose quite willingly to do as narrated and corrupt her body, use and abuse her body, literally fuck up every supple inch of her flesh? And even more disturbing… was the Narrator sent for her by someone she trusts?

Find out in the sequel you never knew you wanted, as Reader’s Choice Month offers readers more choice than poor Anya, a girl who has little choice how she will end up, but is certainly going to enjoy the ride… as long as she is Still Narrated.


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