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Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

Bending the Rules by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone knows there are rules to hypnosis, impossible to break, set in the stone of one’s mind. No one will do under hypnosis what they would not do otherwise… but what if you could bend those rules, bend them just enough to get exactly what you wanted?

Mister Master, an underground hypnotist has done just that, and young Annabeth is very excited about finally tracking down one of his late night performances at an inner city venue where she finally will be able to witness his apparent wizardry of the human mind.

But when Annabeth becomes a volunteer on stage, her own mind may end up broken as all the rules are bent and she becomes a more entertaining girl to the unruly crowd.


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Annabeth is a huge fan of the rarely seen cult underground hypnotist known as Mister Master. And that reason alone is why she’s thrilled to have finally found one of his shows, his performances usually never advertised and always in some seedy hidden location.

Growing up she first discovered his reportedly amazing mesmerizing abilities of mind over matter and mastery of the human mind online, as most have, the man a true legend at pushing adult hypnosis performances to their extremes.

Now she’ll actually get to witness the miracles, to see whether the suspected camera trickery of his online videos is true or whether he truly does possess a stupendously rare natural talent for tapping into the human mind.

The crowd might not be her style, particularly the annoying biker gang that seems to have shown up for a good time, and largely seems to spend time waiting in line leering at a rather conspicuously sweet young girl like her. Still, once that stage lights up, once the man himself walks out to start the show, Annabeth couldn’t care less about anything else. She’s here to see Mister Master and as he seeks out a volunteer for his first performance of the night, Annabeth is quickly pointed out by those crude bikers seated behind her.

It’s fine with her, though, since what better way to experience this apparent mind manipulating wizardry than on stage with the legend himself? Naturally hypnosis has limits, rules, something everyone knows, and where Mister Master surpasses others is in his ability not to break those rules… but to bend them.

As Mister Master puts it, you can’t hypnotize anyone to do something they wouldn’t otherwise do or be capable of doing. Yet… you can bend the rule of what is and isn’t possible, what they would and would not do.

Quickly putting Annabeth under, she is soon on stage, trapped within her mind, the best seat in the house to witness the magic of Mister Master, a man quite known for adding adult flare and content to his performances.

Annabeth would naturally never strip off her clothing in public, but by bending the rules and convincing her she is simply at home, getting ready to take a shower, Mister Master has her stripping as though nothing is wrong.

But Annabeth is just not the most curvy girl, very flat chested, totally of little interest to those bikers who volunteered her. However again, rules may be impossible to break when it comes to hypnosis, but rules can be quite creatively bent based on what the subject believes.

Speaking with his mostly nude cute little subject, Mister Master confirms that Annabeth like many believe that the only time breasts naturally get larger is due to milk.

By bending rules, convincing her that taking in milk makes breasts larger so if she were to… say guzzle down twenty gallons of milk, then surely that would make her breasts larger.

The mind is quite a powerful thing, as Mister Master shows by also bending the concept of time for Annabeth, allowing her to drink such vast amounts of milk in much less time than usually she would be capable of, creating a real side show of audience thrilling degrees as young Annabeth becomes a lot curvier, and soon enough a lot more accepting of an entirely new life she never imagined before.

Breaking the rules is one thing, a thing of fantasy, but bending the rules can be a whole lot more fun, and if there is one way to describe Annabeth after her first Mister Master live performance… it’s a while lot of fun.


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