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SINtendo AVAtar AVA by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo AVAtar AVA by Kris P. Kreme

Encouraged to date again, single mother Ava finds herself increasingly frustrated by the stupid dating profile creation program her daughters recommended.

One of their boyfriends claims his dad had success with the program but as the questions go from ridiculous to perverse, Ava becomes convinced the whole thing is a joke, some stupid game being played with her.

Determined to get through the profile creation, to save it so her daughters can see what a stupid program it is, Ava never imagines that saving the changes will change her.

SINtendo offers the solution to getting some action, one avatar at a time.


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Ava is not thrilled to be filling out an online dating profile, and it’s not simply because she isn’t ready to date again. Her twin daughters, younger versions of herself with the same vibrant if brighter red hair, have insisted that this program is the best to use in creating a dating profile.

Apparently it helped Rider’s dad out, Erin assures her, Erin and Erika her daughters, Rider Erin’s boyfriend. The problem is the profile is taking forever to fill out, and the questions are easily the most idiotic and frustrating Ava has ever read.

As Erin and Erika head out on a movie date with Justin and Rider, Ava assures them she’ll get through it… she’ll just fill out the profile as best she can. Of course the trouble comes as the questions get increasingly more and more crudely written, many of them multiple choice with none of the choices even remotely correct or decent as far as Ava can tell.

The company that created this dating profile creation program seems to be playing games with her, she thinks, seeing how perverse many of the questions become. Though it also could just have been a trick Rider played on her daughter, getting Ava to actually start filling this ridiculous profile out.

Whatever the case Ava is quickly starting to hate whoever created this program, the mysterious company behind the rotating S in the corner of her computer screen.

It’s after she creates her avatar that things really take a turn, the avatar image offering customization options that are actually pretty impressive, erasing wrinkles, taking years off her face, even subtly seeming to change her expression from smiling pleasantly to some kind of slutty sneer as she is forced to accept the least depraved of the multiple choice questions she is asked.

Whatever this program is, she’ll save it only to show Erin and Erika how wrong it is, how stupid it is, to make sure Rider knows it wasn’t a funny joke suggesting she fill out this profile.

Of course how could Ava ever know that by saving the profile, by hitting accept and apply, she would literally be changing herself in the process. Her avatar is now her, years erased from her skin, but also much more erased from her personality as Ava discovers that maybe her daughters are too sweet and innocent for their boyfriends.

Maybe those boys need a real milf to show them how a woman can treat a man right.

Dating is no game as Reader’s Choice Month continues, and in the end every able-bodied boy around will be the winner once Ava gets a hold on them.


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