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Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

When an author heads out on his porch to do what he calls re reads, looking over and editing a mundane tale of he and his soon to be wife at the grocery store, he discovers the words changing each time he looks away from the paper.

Just what is Darren Yaden dealing with, that can make the story less mundane and a lot more depraved each time he re reads it?

Maybe a better question is just why is he enjoying those re reads so much more each time he starts over, and could the words on paper be only part of what is actually changing in his life?


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Darren Yaden has enjoyed success as an author, but even so he still finds the time to enjoy his own writing particularly during his occasional re reads.

Sitting on the porch with his writing in hand, Darren will look over his tales during the morning when his mind is fresh, when errors stand out a bit more, when he can better the story for the eventual reader.

On a cool mid-June morning, Darren Yaden wasn’t giving a story of any significance a re read. It wasn’t anything the average reader or fan would ever even likely see in print. This was just a short mundane tale he intended to share with guests and family at his upcoming wedding to the love of his live

Cynthia was perfection to him, and so the story he shared about a rather ordinary trip to the grocery store together should be naturally just as perfectly edited. It was a moment in life when Darren realized her importance to him, an intimate moment of shopping together, exposing their unique appetites and most personal quirks.

Only something about this ordinary morning re read is different, and it’s not until he takes a second pass over the first section of the typed page that Darren even notices it.

Finding a line of intended humor a bit much, he realizes that maybe another re read will better absorb how the line should really go. But upon re reading it, the line has changed, little details have changed, and all of them are more than just a bit much.

Cynthia is a very respectable girl and the last thing Darren would want is to write something crude for her and her family to hear, something which painted her in any other light than the way she is to him.

Of course each re read of this page long typed story, of this average day pushing a cart together in a grocery store, has Cynthia seeming less and less respectable. It also has Darren sounding less and less like the good man he is, at least with words written so wrongly, so depraved sounding, the actions, intent, and even descriptions changing with each and every re read he gives the printed page.

A known gentleman, a dignified author, Darren Yaden is shocked by what he is re reading, by what the words continue to change to each time he looks away and looks back. He’s unable to logically explain any of it, but for whatever reason he’s also unable to explain just why he is so fascinated to keep re reading, to see what changes next, to see just how extreme and crude an otherwise mundane classy tale of daily life can become.

Getting a call from Cynthia about some plans they apparently had, Darren can hardly focus, quickly excusing himself back to more re reads, the action getting downright perverse, the Cynthia in the story becoming little more than a willing whore in such a public place.

Just what is happening? Will Darren Yaden have a truly happy ending to this particular set of re reads? And why did Cynthia sound a bit unlike herself on the phone?

Find out as Reader’s Choice Month continues, and the reader is invited behind the Kreme curtain to enjoy a little Re Read.


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