Oct 18 2020

Even Hallowkreme gets Bimbo Bombed

Bimbo Bombed Pandemic Panic Edition by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Pandemic Panic Edition by Kris P. Kreme

When someone pops up early for a planned Zoom session with a number of their friends, Tricia and Cody simply think it’s a friend. Making a silly face as her fiancée waves, the happy couple greets a masked menace who informs them both they have just been Bimbo Bombed.

As Tricia is frozen in the silly face she was making, Cody must get ten friends or family in ten minutes or less on video chat to say horrible nasty things about Tricia. If they do, the couple escapes the Bimbo Bombing. If they don’t, the couple embraces all the corrupt depravity those insults involve.

Can Cody save the woman he loves, or will he end up using and abusing her like a pervert.


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It has been a crazy year, but for one sweet loving couple engaged to be married after the pandemic is ever over, things are about to get a whole lot crazier. Planning to gather on Zoom later with a bunch of friends, Tricia and Cody are surprised early by a video chat session begun by someone they’ve never seen before… a hooded figure who informs them that they’ve been Bimbo Bombed.

Cody is horrified, mostly because he knows it’s real since the moment they went to open the video chat, expecting one of their friends, Tricia decided to make a goofy face and she has frozen instantly upon the hooded figure appearing.

As the mysterious stranger informs them, with his voice creepily modified, in a crazy year like this, even Bimbo Bombings have to be done differently. And if Cody wants his sweet innocent and always happy Tricia to be unfrozen and the same as she always was, he needs to follow the rules and complete a challenge that might seem easier than it really is.

Tricia will remain frozen, a ridiculously crazy face, and Cody has just ten minutes to get ten friends or family on video chat to say something nasty and insulting about her. It doesn’t matter if it’s true, they need to say it and yet no two people can say the same insult, the same nasty thing. If Cody can’t get ten friends or family to say horrible nasty things about Tricia to her goofy face on video chat in ten minutes… every single thing said about her will become true for Tricia when she unfreezes. And worse yet, Cody will become just the kind of freaky pervert who enjoys whatever nasty traits his sweet fiancée has taken on.

Only a determined Cody believes that he can stop this fate from happening, their already planned Zoom group chat later meaning a lot of friends were already expecting them and should be home. But can Cody get all of those friends online, can he get more than just them, family too, online, and not only quickly explain the serious situation but convince them to each offer a truly nasty insult to the one girl everyone knows is as cute as she is pure in genuine innocence?

Ten minutes… ten friends or family… ten horrible insults… one final consequence that may just throw social distancing and any protective precautions to the wind. It’s been a scary year, but October may be the scariest ever for Cody and Tricia, thanks to Bimbo Bombing Pandemic Panic Edition.

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Coming next… It gets really dark this time of year…