Hallowkreme can be very Fertile

Shocking Impossible Nonsense by Kris P. Kreme

Shocking Impossible Nonsense by Kris P. Kreme

A rookie cop with passion for doing real police work might take on more than she can handle after leaving a mandated police costume party the night before Halloween.

While the others are still getting drunk and doing little, Michelle is determined this is the perfect night to look at one of the most notorious local cold cases with fresh eyes.

Known by the unusual name Shocking Impossible Nonsense, a once successful carnival sits abandoned. Over the years dozens vanished after visiting the Halloween attraction.

Was it due to a sinister figure called Clayton the Clown, or will Michelle discover just where they disappeared to, and be helpless to keep from going there herself?


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Michelle never wanted to spend the night before Halloween at a stupid Halloween costume party put on by her work… but then she had naturally hoped for a more rewarding career as a cop. Unfortunately rookie cop Michelle has quickly discovered why some cops definitely deserve the name pigs, as few have taken her as seriously as she takes the job.

Having slapped together the rather simple costume of being a soccer fan, Michelle hasn’t escaped the antics of her drunken fellow cops and easily the biggest idiots on the force Owen and Max. But after staying at the party long enough to deal with those assholes, she’s ready to leave and do some real police work on her own.

Ignoring the ridiculous warnings not to investigate what locals have taken to calling the Carnival of SIN, Michelle is determined that she can finally break the most notorious cold case in town history.

The place was only open on Halloween each year and yet somehow pulled in record crowds and record profits. It was during the hours of operation each year more than a decade before that the disappearances began.

First it was a couple each year and eventually it became a couple dozen, none of the guests who vanished ever turning up again… not in all these years. The place had been closed down due to the original investigation but nothing turned up, not a single lead. And after being fully abandoned, the city had cut the power to the old carnival yet somehow the three letters in the name remained lit… that old sign from a distance giving rise to the nickname Carnival of SIN.

Michelle though was top at the academy, taking police work more seriously than any of her superiors at the station she was assigned, and she is determined that with a fresh set of eyes on the place, maybe she can be the one that finally breaks the case wide open.

Even she can admit how heavy the air feels at the abandoned carnival, specifically following the latest evidence, some kids having snuck in several years before, never to be seen again. But those kids posted video from the night they vanished, vague and unclear evidence to be sure.

The stories go, or the legend rose, that Clayton the Clown was somehow behind all the disappearances. Although in her research, Michelle has discovered that Clayton the Clown was merely the first to vanish mysteriously back when it was still a traveling carnival. He was later honored by having a huge mural of his admittedly creepy face painted on a seven story structure when Shocking Impossible Nonsense became a non-traveling carnival. And it is in that old poorly lit structure that Michelle might just break the case… that is if the case doesn’t truly break her.

An elaborate maze of impossible stairs to nowhere, this huge structure hides secrets that no one in town has ever seen and returned to share. Does Clayton the Clown really wander these stairs, waiting for someone like Michelle to come along? Just where has everyone who dared enter the abandoned Carnival of SIN vanished to, and will Michelle suffer the same fate? Most important of all, will the dangers imagined be as sinister as the truth behind a mystery that leads somewhere surprisingly familiar?

Halloween night, a creepy abandoned carnival, and a seemingly supernaturally possessed clown with mirrored balloons reflecting the impossible all combine in this twisted mystery one cute rookie cop is not prepared to solve.

When the night is dark and the air thick with mystery, the mind can imagine the worst, can be most fertile in all it could conceive… but never has it dreamed up the Shocking Impossible Nonsense of this tale.

Halloween with the Kreme takes readers right back to that special town where one can take many roads to enter, or as Michelle does, just take the stairs.


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