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Trick or TREET by Kris P. Kreme

Trick or TREET by Kris P. Kreme

Melgrim’s missing phone has been found… but unfortunately it wasn’t found by the demon who lost it. Instead a hapless guy named Nate has purchased it from a sketchy guy in the mall, and his girlfriend Katie couldn’t possibly complain more about the bargain.

As Nate goes to prove that his new cheaply bought phone is perfectly fine and it saved him a ton of money, they both discover that this phone has a very curious app installed on it, one called Tritter.

But Tritter is much more than a cheap knockoff of Twitter. Nate can make posts about others whose phones are in range of his, and when they get the notifications of what he says… everything changes.


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Nate is just a typical slacker of a guy, a nice guy always looking for the cheap solution to his problems, and right now his latest problem happens to be needing a new phone. But sometimes a bargain gives you a lot more than you bargained for as Nate finds a guy willing to meet him in the mall and sell him a second-hand smart phone which turned up mistakenly in a donation bin.

As his bitchy and always complaining girlfriend Katie waits for him, Nate has unknowingly purchased Melgrim’s missing phone and other than being run by the latest Hell OS operating system, this phone happens to have a very special app the manipulative demon had just installed.

Returning to Katie, Nate is more than happy with his hundred dollar purchase, but as she points out that model of phone should still sell even used for five-hundred dollars. She thinks the guy that sold it to him was sketchy and doesn’t like Nate wasting what she calls their money on something that might not even work right.

Setting it up, and getting to the main screen, Nate shows that everything is fine. It even came with pre-installed apps apparently. But one of those apps appears to have been misspelled on the icon title, which is a mistake neither have ever seen before.

Assuming the app is Twitter, Nate soon discovers that it is in fact a totally different though similarly made app… called Tritter.

Messing around with it, he finds that the phone displays other phones within range of his, like his girlfriend Katie’s phone and others in the mall walking past. When a phone is in range, it says he can send them a Treet, essentially a message about them like a Tweet.

But when Katie, whose limited patience is already pressed too far, is annoyed by some teenage girls passing by and making fun of the sundress she wears, Nate will quickly discover the true power of sending a Treet.

Figuring the best way to test it, and both prove to his girlfriend he got a good phone and make up for her dealing with teenage mall brats, Nate sends a particularly nasty Treet, a message to those girls’ phones as they walk past.

For Chloe and Kalah, they were just enjoying the mall like they always do, until a mysterious notification that a Treet was posted about them pops up on their phones. Usually they’d definitely have a different reaction to being called cheap whores slutting around the mall… but as Nate and his girlfriend sit and watch, these two girls instantly become exactly what he called them.

Shocked and convinced something is seriously wrong with the phone Nate got, Katie is angry when he questions her. But the only way to really see if the phone did a thing is to try it again right?

Just what will Nate Treet about next, and who will he send that Treet to? Will he ever convince his bitchy girlfriend to lighten up and have some fun… or is their relationship due for a serious change? Find out in the twisted tale of tricks and Treets as Nate finds out that being in a hellish relationship can sometimes only be solved by a phone with the influence of Hell OS and an app called Tritter.

Halloween with the Kreme reminds you to get social with your apps and to enjoy the Treets those apps come with!


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