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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Kris P. Kreme

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night by Kris P. Kreme

On a frightfully stormy night, in the isolated old house she and her husband recently bought, Sarah is about to have a life changing experience that might just scare her in ways she never knew before.

Passing the time waiting on her husband William to arrive home, Sarah finds an old novel left by the previous owner, one called It was a Dark and Stormy Night. This mystery and suspense novel seems to be about her and about this very house, and the villain in this story goes by the name Bad Bill.

But it couldn’t really be about her, could it? And there’s no way that William, her sweet husband, could ever become anyone like Bad Bill… is there?


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It’s lonely enough in the big old house Sarah and her husband William just moved into, but on a dark October night with a storm raging outside and William waiting on the late ferry to run so he can get home… Sarah may just face a nightmare she has never imagined.

As they talk on the phone, the unfortunate news that the ferry may not be running until midnight due to the storm, Sarah is jumping at every crash of thunder, lightning brightening the old windows of the home they barely have unpacked and moved into. It’s a fierce storm, and a frightening old house, constant thoughts of everything from ghosts to a mountain monster from the surrounding forest bursting in the door to attack. But the true danger for Sarah may in fact come right from her own overactive imagination as she’s always been the creative one.

When William suggests she find a novel, bury herself in a book to pass the time until he can get home, Sarah first asks what book, since the books they brought with them are still in boxes she can’t lift. But this old house came with some leftover items from a previous owner, in a creepy dark upstairs wing of the house Sarah has avoided. There are books there, and when she goes to see about grabbing one, one book happens to practically grab her.

Startled by her own reflection, Sarah jumps, tripping on her way out of the old darkened room, and a single book happens to spill right at her feet.

Picking this book up, the title is ironically very fitting, It was a Dark and Stormy Night. But just what is this book about, and why does it more and more seem to be about her and this very house as Sarah settles down to read it on her favorite yellow couch?

There’s no author, no publishing date inside, something Sarah knows she should see as a writer herself. But this story starts out quite creepily haunting with the words… It was a dark and stormy night when Sarah found the book and opened it, hoping to find a reprieve from the frightening feeling of solitude.

But what starts out as a mysterious coincidence, the name Sarah certainly not that uncommon, builds and builds with each paragraph she reads, with every turn of the page, into something a lot more sinister and frightening. The story of this bizarre novel seems to be about this very house, right down to the creepy shed out back, and the villain of the story is someone called Bad Bill.

But just like Sarah, Bill is a common name, and her William has never even gone by Bill, so there’s certainly nothing worth being scared about reading further, right?

It’s when she flips to the illustrations scattered throughout the book that things get even more surreal for Sarah. There is a woman nearly identical to her, dressed the same, there is the Bad Bill of the story, so much like her own William. But in this novel, Bad Bill is truly quite depraved, with nefarious dreams of doing horribly perverse things to his sexy wife.

Yet William would never feel that way, would he? Sarah is getting more and more frightened with every turn of the page, with every illustration she sees, and with every crack of thunder and flash of lightning outside.

But just what awaits Sarah at the end of this book… at the end of this dark and stormy night? Who is it that will arrive home finally, her husband… or Bad Bill? It’s an ending you will never see coming, one that truly twists reality in ways even the Kreme has never done before. It was a Dark and Stormy Night… when Sarah discovered who she really was.

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