Oct 22 2020

The neighbors are unruly at Hallowkreme

Brewing Up Trouble by Kris P. Kreme

Brewing Up Trouble by Kris P. Kreme

Everyone has nuisance neighbors from time to time, those who tend to stir up trouble and cause headaches. But not every nuisance neighbor gets taken care of quite the way Wormina Stanford takes care of hers.

Having lived decades in the once quiet cul-de-sac, Wormina Stanford happens to be a witch, and this Halloween she is brewing up something special to put a wicked end to the nuisance her neighbors have been.

A special witches brew will be left on the doorsteps of each home beside her, and those brews will bring about changes, subtle or extreme, which finally give the neighbors a taste of the nuisance they have always been to Wormina.


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It’s always refreshing in the suburbs when that autumn chill arrives in the air, but in one particular cul-de-sac, the most seasonal weather can’t appease one annoyed neighbor, a neighbor most unlike all others because this neighbor just happens to be a witch.

Wormina Stanford has lived in the old house at the end of the cul-de-sac since well before the neighborhood grew up right around her. And she isn’t at all fond of having such close neighbors, the houses on either side of her of particular frustration. But while Wormina isn’t the type of neighbor to stir up trouble… she absolutely is fine with brewing up her own special brand of trouble.

On one side of her lives a woman named Cindy, single, a school disciplinarian who is just as disciplined in her incessant morning jogs that have meant a slamming door far too early each morning for a very long time. But once Cindy gets a taste of the special brew left at her door that morning close to Halloween, she will find a whole new method of exercising and stretching her body… a building heat that might just have Cindy truly getting too close to the same students she has disciplined in the past.

Of course, Wormina Stanford has a particular kind of hatred for the neighbors closer to her, on the other side of her home… a disgustingly happy woman named Laura with a perky daughter named Bethany. It was bad enough back when Laura still had her old husband and their bickering led into loud late night fights. Now with the new man in their lives Todd, everything is far too happy and Halloween eccentric.

They decorate far too much, they dress up and have crowded costume parties at their house, and generally ruin the true meaning of Halloween for a witch like Wormina. But after the daughter Bethany gets a sip of the special brew, something she mistakenly believes her father dropped off as a Halloween surprise, things in the happy home will be taking a distinctly depraved turn.

When Todd comes down, struggling with getting his minotaur costume just right, or as he calls it, his Mino-Todd costume, Bethany points out the obvious. He doesn’t have any horns… but little does she know making little horns on his head with her fingers starts a change she and her mother may never recover from.

As it turns out, the brew has brought about a unique talent in young sweet Bethany, a talent for animal transformations through her tingling fingers. But what will become of her when she jokingly gives herself bunny ears… what will become of her mother? And will this happy Halloween household be having a truly freaky good time this year, and every other from now on?

Halloween with the Kreme gets wicked in the neighborhood, and takes Halloween fun to new heights with the beasts brewing beneath the surface.


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