Oct 24 2020

The Konversation at Hallowkreme is frightening

Fears for the Family by Kris P. Kreme

Fears for the Family by Kris P. Kreme

Alan has been dealing with the pandemic like everyone else, worried constantly about failing his lovely wife and child. But during a video session with a familiar and talkative doctor, he might discover that what he fears most can be managed quite easily.

It could be as simple as taking care of a couple of dolls, one of which he never even uses. But just what is wrong about the seemingly therapeutic transformations that have occurred? Or is there anything wrong with it at all?

Halloween seems the fitting time to face ones fears, but is there really anything to be afraid of?


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This has been an exceptionally frightening year, especially for Alan who serves as the sole earner for a beautiful wife and daughter. In a year where his work could take a dive at any time due to pandemic concerns, Alan is experiencing some serious fears for the family.

But thanks to everyone’s favorite Konversational psychologist, he may be thinking about things all wrong. When Doc as he likes to be called sets up the first of possibly numerous web chat video sessions to accommodate social distancing and address Alan’s increasingly stressed situation, there might be some surprising revelations for the family.

Mentioning that his biggest fears are for his beautiful wife Debbie and their eighteen year old daughter Emma, Alan is nervous just admitting the worries in front of the both of them. But as Doc says, it’s important to face what you fear and since he fears for them, they should be present. But after an exercise where Alan closes his eyes and holds onto the images of Debbie and Emma sitting there near him quietly, where Alan has to picture them and then replace them with something completely harmless, something easy to take care of, his troubles may be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, his family may also be a thing of the past as well. While Debbie and Emma under directions from Doc take a deep breath and slowly let it out, Alan pictures what he knows requires no stress, never causes fears… a couple of dolls.

And when he opens his eyes, Alan may just have two of the nicest simplest to care for dolls ever. But when he at first freaks out, can the good Doc talk some calm into Alan? Will they come to a mutual meeting of the minds over his biggest fears this year, and might there even be some financial gains to help further put those fears to rest?

It’s Halloween with the Kreme, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a little time to talk through our deepest fears… and sometimes what we most fear can be the most fun!


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