It’s Hallowkreme in the Zone

Tales From the Kremey Zone - Halloween Hijinks Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Tales From the Kremey Zone – Halloween Hijinks Episode by Kris P. Kreme

The forces of logic, reason, and sanity can quite often be thrown right out the window. If 2020 has proven anything, it has proven that.

But every so often someone finds themselves escaping into a place where perversions become normal, and the normal becomes perverse. When that happens, they have entered The Kremey Zone.

This Halloween, witness a woman who upon hearing her husband say that he saw a woman blow her brains out discovers just how enjoyable such a fate can be. Then witness the horror of facing the forbidden lust when lust takes over after a poorly spoken wish comes true and gives a true horse’s share.


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There can be no question in a year such as this that all stabilizing forces keeping logic, reality, and quite often sanity in a balancing harmony are off. In fact they are sufficiently off to result in not one but two brand new mini-episodes of everyone’s favorite twisted television program, Tales from the Kremey Zone.

On this special Halloween Hijinks Episode, meet normal everyday people, just like you, except that they have unknowingly, or in some cases knowingly wandered off the beaten path of their dreary normal rational lives… straight into The Kremey Zone.

In a tale called quite simply Blowing your Brains Out, hardworking Jill arrives home after a long day at the office to meet her husband Jack. But something seems off about Jack, a bit too attentive a stare, a strangely expressed smile.

When Jill learns that Jack saw something quite shocking that day, something downright horrific sounding, she may be the one swallowing the truth of that revelation. But how is a woman to respond when he tells her that he watched a woman blow her brains out? And why is the truth a lot sexier than it sounds?

In a twisted additional tale called Horsing Around with Wishes, we meet Kenny, a typical teenage slacker who’s enjoying a serious late night gaming session with his buddy. But as Kenny wants to focus on gaming, his buddy likes to tease about the woman in Kenny’s dad’s life.

Rachel is definitely not Kenny’s mom, as he is very quick to point out, but ever since she married his dad, his pervy buddy likes to talk about just how serious a hottie she is.

And there’s no denying that, but Kenny is sick of hearing about it, even after only a year with Rachel in the house. Of course when his buddy likes to give Kenny a hard time for winning at gaming, he punches below the belt, insulting Kenny’s manhood as well.

So after ending their gaming session, it’s not a surprise that Kenny is frustrated, but even online porn doesn’t quite solve the trouble, at least until a weird popup appears on his computer claiming he just won a free wish. Told to think of his dick and make a wish quick, Kenny figures it’s just a joke anyway.

But will his wishes for a horse dick that women couldn’t control themselves around lead to a morning that terrifies Kenny nearly as much as it ends up satisfying him?

There are places where reality ceases to follow the laws of sanity and reason, and this Halloween with the Kreme, witness the tales of two ordinary people finding themselves trapped in a twisted version of their own lives, twisted and titillated as only Tales from the Kremey Zone can be.


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