Oct 28 2020

Hallowkreme practises recycling… differently

ReUsed by Kris P. Kreme

ReUsed by Kris P. Kreme

In the future recycling has been mastered thanks to the Recyclatron 3000. It can create anything one can imagine, and thanks to a Halloween modification, the recycling plant’s costume creator can even reuse you to temporarily become whatever you like.

Space princess, cyborg, bunny girl, the options are as limitless as your imagination. For 48 hours you can be reused and reformed into the costume… unless of course the changes are too severe or extreme.

When an argument with his girlfriend Sasha leaves Lou standing in her place in line, what happens when he accidentally gets shoved into the machine, a machine programmed by his selections to make her a busty sex obsessed bimbo?


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Sometime in the not too distant future, recycling will be made fun again, a way of repurposing and reusing to save the environment and get something in return, all thanks to the Recyclatron 3000.

Unfortunately sometime in the not too distant future, around Halloween, Lou might just end up losing something instead of gaining it. That’s because Lou has been dragged to the local recycling plant by his girlfriend Sasha. But why have they been standing in line all this time, missing out on the Halloween Holo-Ball his friends are always into? That’s because the creators of the Recyclatron 3000 have created a fantastic new attraction called the Recyclatron costume creator, that allows people to fill out cards with anything they want to be for Halloween.

Stepping into the Recyclatron allows it to process them and reuse their clothing and other aspects to essentially temporarily reshape them into nearly anything imaginable. And that is why Sasha had Lou wear clothing he didn’t care much about, which is certainly the oversized jeans and pink shirt he never felt was manly enough. Want to be a space alien princess? Thanks to the Recyclatron 3000 you can be one for 48 hours. After that the physical programming and any personality adjustments associated with the costume are expired and it’s right back to normal.

But Lou isn’t all that sure about any of this, questioning the safety of it all. At least according to Sasha it’s completely safe as long as you don’t try something crazy like her being a male costume character or him being a female one.

It’s all seeming rather impressive, as the line progresses, watching those who leave the amazing machine as all manner of creatures. And to add some fun to their costumed couple time, Sasha suggested they each fill out each other’s costume creation cards. But when time comes for her to step in, she sees just what Lou has filled in, saying he always wanted to see her like it… even if only for a couple of days.

Sasha is less than thrilled about his choice of a stupid busty sex obsessed bimbo, claiming that is not only insulting, but it’s not a costume. With the line behind them, a serious argument breaks out that has Sasha storming off upset. Yet when the guys behind them in line get impatient and Lou finds himself shoved into the Recyclatron… what sort of Halloween horrors will he find he has unleashed upon himself.

This is one Halloween where Lou might just get what he always wanted… though certainly not in the way he imagined. He might get through it… but she will never be the same.

Halloween with the Kreme heads into the future where recycling can be super scary… but fun!


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