SINtendo never misses Hallowkreme

SINtendo Survival Whorer by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Survival Whorer by Kris P. Kreme

Visiting every October for years, Sam couldn’t be more different than the cousin he stays with, Dakota. While she’s a sweet innocent shy girl who never gives her parents any trouble, he’s always in one argument or another.

After getting yelled at for fighting, Sam finds himself with Dakota, the always sweet girl just thinking he should spend more time around the house. That’s when Sam suggests she learn about gaming, Halloween gaming, stuff like survival horror.

Unfortunately for poor Dakota, Sam might have sinister motives of his own for talking her into playing the hacked game controller AR game, one that if she loses might take a lot more than she ever imagined.


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Dakota always sees the good in everyone else, a truly timid, shy girl who just wants to help. But her cousin Sam definitely is about as opposite as they come. Each October, Sam and his mother come to stay with Dakota and her parents, and inevitably Sam always gets in trouble.

After a particularly loud argument with his mother, Sam storms into Dakota’s bedroom frustrated at yet again being in trouble, being punished for apparently hanging with a bad crowd. And Dakota being the sweet caring cousin she is just wants to make him feel better. Suggesting he borrow books or just hang around the house, she’s the ever caring girl she always has been. But when Sam asks if she’s ever played video games, her good intentions could turn into a game she’ll pay a price for losing.

Despite her happy games she has played, Dakota has never played scary games, but as Sam points out, this is Halloween, the time of being scared. And he happened to bring the perfect game with him, a game played using an old controller he hacked.

Worried about graphics and being squeamish, Dakota is reassured by Sam as this game is played with her surroundings, an AR game that’s supposedly really advanced. Once she pushes the Start button holding the controller, it synchs with the player and she will see the augmented reality around her, creatures coming at her in wave after wave of what Sam calls survival horror.

Even though Sam can’t play the game with her, a one player game, he seems insistent that just having her play it would make him feel better, and since that’s all Dakota is always about when it comes to others, she’s willing to try what sounds like a scary game.

But when she heads out to the backyard to play it, more space better according to Sam as the AR monsters and creatures can appear further off, constantly coming at her, the controller needed in order to defeat them… Dakota gets gameplay she never imagined.

From the title that splashes across her field of vision alone, Dakota knows that something is very wrong right away, because she was positive that Sam was saying survival horror, not Survival Whorer.

Will the augmented reality monsters end up augmenting poor shy Dakota? Can an AR video game really possess neighbors into additional creatures to threaten poor Dakota? And ultimately in the end, will there be a new bad cousin in the family, someone far worse than Sam to take the heat off him?

Halloween with the Kreme goes gaming supreme, with wave after wave of monsters, demons, and sinister creatures!


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And so comes to a close Hallowkreme 2020…

Or does it?

Coming October 31st!

A Remote Chance in Helloween

It was chance that changed Luke Berry’s life forever. An experimental remote control passed electricity from a fluke lightning bolt through a hotel television showing porn into his body. Just like that, Luke was a man enhanced, becoming his own porn persona.

He was a muscular grinning man who always had sex on the mind and could perform like the often cut together multiple takes in porn productions, endless stamina, endless strength, and by chance if a woman even glanced at his altered dick, they were altered as well.

This Halloween, Luke will see just how extreme those alterations can be as he enjoys the costumed coeds volunteering inside a popular haunted house called Helloween.