Oct 31 2020

There’s always a Remote Chance on Hallowkreme

A Remote Chance in Helloween by Kris P. Kreme

A Remote Chance in Helloween by Kris P. Kreme

It was chance that changed Luke Berry’s life forever. An experimental remote control passed electricity from a fluke lightning bolt through a hotel television showing porn into his body. Just like that, Luke was a man enhanced, becoming his own porn persona.

He was a muscular grinning man who always had sex on the mind and could perform like the often cut together multiple takes in porn productions, endless stamina, endless strength, and by chance if a woman even glanced at his altered dick, they were altered as well.

This Halloween, Luke will see just how extreme those alterations can be as he enjoys the costumed coeds volunteering inside a popular haunted house called Helloween.


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A Halloween With The Kreme 2020 Special

Over 20,000 Words of Kreme!

Years ago Luke Berry was an ordinary guy, working ordinary hours at a popular electronics chain. And then a trip to Hell changed all of that. But it wasn’t the place you might be thinking, one much colder, that changed Luke into the flawless male specimen he is today. With an experimental remote in his pocket and a fluke lightning strike zapping through a hotel television that was unfortunately tuned to porn, Luke was enhanced forever with transformational properties that easily appealed to him.

Not only was Luke granted a massive manhood with impossible stamina and a staying power that couldn’t be beat. He found that any woman that even glanced at it would immediately change into their porn self. Blondes tended to get dumber, brunettes tended to get sluttier, and redheads just went crazy. But this Halloween a trip back to Hell will bring extremes even Luke hasn’t seen.

Bummed by it being what seems to be a boring Halloween this year, none of the expected slutty costumes, the far too old trick or treaters he could have a little fun with, even if it is the day before Halloween, Luke is figuring on just another day around the house… until his often clueless son brings home a bunch of opportunities Luke can’t resist.

Stopping by from college, wanting to know if he can use his dad’s large van to go and pick up supplies, Luke instantly has that wicked sparkle of inspiration in his eyes. It seems that Josh has volunteered to lead the group of girls volunteering to act out the roles in a popular haunted house. For many years on Halloween in a huge old Victorian house outside Hell, Michigan, college volunteers have dressed in costumes and scared the visitors throughout the many themed rooms of a place called Helloween.

It’s only open a week, starting on Halloween, and this year Josh’s latest girlfriend Chloe and five of their friends in college have volunteered for various reasons. Whether it’s the thrill of scaring others, the opportunity to help with the charity Helloween benefits, or the chance to perform some excellent acting roles, all the girls have their reasons for volunteering.

Tonight, just before Halloween, will be their last chance to rehearse and get their individual sections of the huge Victorian haunted house in order. It’s a dress rehearsal as well, meaning Josh has brought along all six girls in fittingly sexy costumes, a witch, an Amazon princess, a nurse, a creepy life size porcelain doll, a crazy escaped asylum patient, and last but definitely not least, Josh’s girlfriend Chloe as a female Frankenstein, or at least the bride of.

Luke knows how his own abilities work, that one look at his supernaturally enhanced manhood and these innocent costumed coeds will change into a porn variation that fits their looks… and since their looks are costumed, he just knows that means their changes will be that much more extreme. So he manipulates his hapless son as he has done countless times before over the recent years, and it isn’t long before Josh is taking the van alone over to the warehouse all the way on the other side of Hell for those needed supplies. Meanwhile Luke chooses to chaperone the girls to the haunted house, but he has only one motive in mind.

Once there he will get each of them alone around Helloween, and offer them a look at something that will definitely change their innocent lives forever. The rules go out the window on Halloween, he figures, because there have always been certain basic rules his transformations follow. The first rule never changes, and that rule is sex. For the girls to become their porn selves tonight means sex, the kinkier and more extreme the better. But every other rule is off the table, meaning the rule about no pregnancy or lasting effects, the rule about nothing devastating or permanently disabling are gone.

Halloween porn productions have featured crazy special effects, and equally crazy outcomes, the horror of sex so extreme the girls become willing victims to a man like Luke. So on this night in Helloween, it’s a truly remote chance any of these girls are getting out the same… but that doesn’t mean they all aren’t going to have one hell of a time becoming who they will forever be from this spooky night forward.

A square jawed star is about to appear in a whole new series of scary productions, and one glance at him will have his costumed co-stars bringing new thrills and chills to the most popular haunted house in Hell.


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