Frank’s back to guarantee a good time

Let's Be Frank About Bachelorettes by Kris P. Kreme

Let’s Be Frank About Bachelorettes by Kris P. Kreme

Desiree has planned the perfect road trip adventure for her best friend Katherine before her wedding. Along with their four closest friends, the ladies find that adventure going too far after a breakdown leads them to the closest place for help… a casino resort called Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort.

Little do they suspect that Frank keeps the fun happening in all manners of truly depraved ways, thanks to a technological wonder that looks like an outdated pager.

The Fun Time Fuckuator can completely change a guest, especially when Frank is looking to fill some vacant staff positions and these six unsuspecting ladies are highly qualified to take those positions and more.


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Five friends and one bride-to-be are about to find the adventure they all planned for the shy soon to be married Katherine get’s a lot more life changing than any wedding she ever could imagine. Sweet Katherine is both incredibly beautiful and incredibly shy, so a bachelorette weekend isn’t anything she’d ever choose to have. Leave it to her always organizational planner of a best friend Desiree to know just how to handle things. Yet when an unexpected bit of bad luck on the road strands the six ladies in a part of the country they aren’t too familiar with… will they find help or be quite helpless seeking aid at a nearby casino resort?

Desiree has planned the perfect bachelorette party for Katherine, Kat for short. The lovely redhead has always been uncomfortably shy and quiet so they’ll take a road trip with some of their closest friends, go places without the crowds, help bring Katherine a comfortable bit out of her shell.

Yet a breakdown changes all their plans and it looks like the SUV will definitely need a tow. Volunteering to take the hike back to a casino they passed a couple miles back is Sarah, the health nut of the group and only one who would really enjoy taking such an unexpected hike. But Becca, the butch lesbian in their group of friends isn’t about to let a girl go walking alone on the side of the interstate.

Things start to seem a little strange when a while after a party van with the casino’s name and logo on the side shows up. Sarah is there, offering the others a ride back to the casino, no need to wait in the SUV. But why is Sarah hanging all over the driver as she is… and why is she oddly dismissive of the others, merely mentioning that Becca remained behind to give the owner Frank a piece of her mind?

While Katherine is too shy to notice, and the others have more things on their minds, Desiree definitely wants to get to the bottom of things, something about this whole situation not adding up. So when they arrive at a strangely named Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, the planner of the group heads off to meet up with Becca and this Frank character.

Yet as Katherine the bride-to-be, Martina, their always uptight Hispanic businesswoman friend, and Bella, the quiet girlfriend of Becca remain behind in the bustling lobby of the casino resort, what will Desiree find waiting for her… and just how will it forever change her life and motives with regards to her friends?

The truth is that Frank runs a very particular type of place, all thanks to a device he calls the Fun Time Fuckuator. Having just recently gotten an upgrade to the programming of such a device, the casino’s sound system and lighting can truly bring out the animal in their guests… drive the unsuspecting girls to desires and passions they never knew before.

Will Becca ever be a lesbian again? Will Desiree give in and help plan out the helpless fates of their remaining friends? And just how extreme will the fun get this time thanks to the unexpected arrival of a half dozen bachelorettes?

One thing is for sure, at Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, everyone has a new kind of fun… a new extreme to enjoy, and all of these lovely ladies might be wearing white before too long in one way or another. It’s just too bad Katherine’s fiancée Chase might have to come looking for her… but exactly what will he find when he does?

Let’s Be Frank about Bachelorettes… they all wear cocktail dresses for a reason, and it might just be to get more cock in their tails.


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