It’s good to make Contact on an Anniversary

SINtendo Contact High Anniversary Edition by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Contact High Anniversary Edition by Kris P. Kreme

Colin has a hot busty blonde as his wife. Heather’s everything a man could want, and to her he’s just as perfect. Even her sister and friends say Colin’s a good guy, but when Heather plays a game called SINtendo ContactHIGH, all of them may be nothing but naughty.

For their anniversary, Heather wants to finally start that family they’ve talked about. But Colin has something romantic planned, a surprise he sneaks off to take care of telling her work called him in.

Turned on and needing release, Heather finds a phone app that uses real contacts as characters in a kinky game. She just never imagines the gameplay is real, and she’s using Colin to score in more ways than one.


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

Today’s a very special day for Colin and Heather, though the day just might get more special than either of them can handle after sexy turned on Heather gets a hold of a game called SINtendo ContachHIGH.

For his anniversary to the gorgeous busty blonde Heather, Colin has planned a true romantic gesture like any many should do for a wife like her. But keeping the surprise a secret and getting it all set up might be harder than it seems… just as he is when Heather starts the morning of their anniversary out with only one thing in mind.

They’ve talked about having a family and Heather only wants one thing this anniversary from her handsome husband. She wants a baby and in recent months Heather has been reading erotica, checking out porn, doing anything to keep herself turned on, all because she read that the more turned on a woman is, the more aroused, the easier it can be to get babies inside her. So naturally when Colin asks what she wants to do for their anniversary, the busty Heather has one thing in mind.

Yet Colin has something special planned, and sure they can get to the baby making later, but he has planned a romantic location like no other, renting a mountain cabin not too far outside of town in a scenic forest, conspired with her sister and two of Heather’s closest girlfriends to get the place cleaned up and perfect for when Heather meets him there later.

In order to keep it all secret though, Colin has to pretend that work has called him in to handle something important, leaving Heather alone at home. Heather though is far too turned on to just spend the day doing nothing waiting on Colin to get done doing work so he can hopefully spend the rest of the day doing her. Sex is all that is on her mind and that is when she gets the popup advertisement on her phone calling out to anyone bored at home without their man, promoting a game called SINtendo ContactHIGH.

Unaware that Colin has met her sister and two best friends at the cabin, no idea that he is working with Lexi, Mabel, and Amber to get the place absolutely perfect for a romantic escape from the city, an anniversary like no other, Heather is excited when the app finally installs.

According to the adult game, Heather’s own contacts will be used for the game, up to four total players she can then have interact with each other in ways designed to raise something called their ContactHIGH levels. She gets the idea that it’s definitely sex or kinky things like that which raise the score and as horny as Heather is, she decides to make this a real game of extremes.

Since Colin is making her wait, he’ll be the main guy of this game, she thinks selecting his contact photo. But then she has to select three others. Her older sister Lexi should be fun to add to the list, even if she knows how kinky that might be. Amber is definitely one to choose, the youngest of her friends with a face like an angel but a body like a porn star. And for the last she chooses Mabel, an athletic always exercising older friend. When all characters are chosen, the game takes a moment and suddenly through her phone, Heather can see the contact characters she chose in what has to be a randomized setting, some cabin she’s never seen before.

Only anyone who has ever played SINtendo games would tell her that there’s nothing randomized at all, that Heather has just begun a game and selected her characters, and none of the four she chose are in any way able to control or resist what Heather does during her kinky little gameplay.

Discovering that whenever the characters she watches get close enough to each other, options appear, actions they can take, realizing she needs to choose the right action to further heighten their ContactHIGH levels, Heather quickly gets into the little game on her phone, and even more quickly realizes how hot it is seeing the increasingly obscene, more and more impossible things happen… things she never could suspect are in fact really happening, permanently altering her own husband, sister, and friends’ bodies as she plays.

But just how far will Heather take her anniversary lust in a game with lasting consequences for all? What depraved actions will her own sister and friends be helpless to avoid thanks to her gameplay? And what will she thinks when she gets a delayed message to meet up at a cabin that she immediately recognizes?

The marriage has always been passionate but thanks to SINtendo, Colin and Heather might just be taking passion play to all new extremes this year and every year to cum!


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