Nov 22 2020

Come visit the Country

Country Bumped Kin by Kris P. Kreme

Country Bumped Kin by Kris P. Kreme

Penelope Sanderson is a powerful businesswoman who seldom has time for pleasantries.

Yet nobody could ever imagine the fierce educated woman was once Penny Sanders, sweet farm girl whose parents never accepted their daughter’s ambitious achievements.

When her parents stop by uninvited, any hopes they have changed their ways are dashed when the couple mentions a man named Duke they want Penny to meet. Having no time, Penelope leaves but on the way bumps into the tip of Duke’s umbrella, and that’s when everything starts to change.

Can Penelope resist whatever is changing her back into a surprisingly horny country girl, or is she helpless to avoid a most rural fate?


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Penelope Sanderson is successful in business, having worked hard, educated herself, and strived to do more than simply crash through the glass ceiling in the often cutthroat world of business. She is a successful supervisor in an office building that handles high dollar accounts for wealthy clients around the world, and one day she could even be on the board of the company with the way she is going.

But what nobody would ever imagine is that the same fierce woman who always wears her beautiful hair tight in a bun, the same woman who rarely has so much time for pleasantries and hellos, was once a simple farm girl called Penny Sanders.

She hated her rural upbringing and more than that, she couldn’t stand the fact her parents embraced the country ideal where women were simply subservient to men, a daughter just someone to be married off and bred practically like a farm animal, never to have her own ambitions or to go off on her own path to success. Her parents constantly used to try and introduce her to one man or another, and so when her parents visit the city where Penelope has found success she’s hopeful that maybe they’ve seen a change of mind.

Unfortunately they are the same old country folk, complaining about her job, her clothing, how she keeps her hair even. But this time her country kin have done something that goes well beyond being merely insulting to the success Penelope has found. They’ve invited a man to meet her, a man they claim is the head of a research division at a big tech company that moved into the rural area last year. And as if the idea she’d have any interest in this complete stranger isn’t silly enough, his name is Duke… which as Penelope points out is more fitting of a dog than a man.

As angry with the unwanted visit as the storm starting to rage outside, Penelope has had enough, figuring she can just put her family behind her like she has had to do before. Only on the way out the door she bumps right into Duke, or rather the tip of his umbrella as he is folding it closed.

Storming off back to the office, what Penelope could never imagine is that the big tech company Duke works for happens to be Trance-tory, and the umbrella tip bumping her head was very much not an accident at all. Unknown even to Penelope’s parents, Duke is interested in their daughter for more than the inevitable marriage and babies. He’s using her as a guinea pig for a trial of the umbrella which unleashed a very mild electrical charge right into her head upon being bumped. The point of the product is instant obedience training, and Penelope will start feeling the effects throughout the rest of the day.

What may begin with little mistakes, things she forgets here or there, will grow and all the business education Penelope strived to achieve will be erased. Her focus on work will diminish and instead she’ll have more frequent fantasies involving men and sex, something this fierce empowered woman has not had in years.

But will she be able to resist what is happening to her? Will Penelope find herself helpless to avoid reclaiming a name she hid from everyone she works with, and will Penny Sanders have all new goals in mind, carnal goals that give Duke a whole lot more testing to enjoy?

A woman like Penelope once shattered the glass ceiling, but it’s a surprisingly short fall right back past it, thanks to her Country Bumped Kin.


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