Oct 10 2019

It’s a Treat to get Bombed on HallowKreme

Bimbo Bombed Tricked and Treated by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Tricked and Treated by Kris P. Kreme

Samantha’s parents worry too much, mostly because Samantha is prettier than other girls her age. But at nineteen they should trust her not to dress in slutty costumes or do anything wrong. Instead they have her chaperoning her sister trick or treating.

But her sister’s gonna be fine, and after an email on Samantha’s phone, she will be the one trick or treating, desperately trying to collect one hundred pieces of candy from one hundred homes in one hundred minutes… or else face a fate worse than social death.

At least that’s what the Bimbo Bombing message tells her. Will she make it in time? Or will she end up like her parents always feared she would?


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Samantha is not happy with her parents, the two of them planning a nice Halloween dinner out on the town away from kids. It’s not that her parents going out is a bad thing, but the fact her father has always been ridiculously over-protective about keeping such a tight leash on Samantha instead of just trusting that at nineteen she is well old enough to handle herself.

So on Halloween night, Samantha has been relegated to babysitting duties while her sister goes trick or treating. It wouldn’t be so bad or unbelievable if her sister Cindy wasn’t fourteen. Everyone knows she’s perfectly fine taking care of herself, that she knows all the safety tips about candy and going door to door… but that’s the excuse her parents are using.

Frustrated and annoyed, Samantha would so much rather be at a friend’s house, at a Halloween party, anywhere but walking the street keeping an eye on a sister who has no interest in being watched. With her parents antiquated ideas of somehow thinking slutty costumes make a girl slutty, seeing this as a victory as Samantha won’t be putting on a costume, the nineteen year old is stuck venting on social media through apps on her phone as she walks along the street.

Only vaguely keeping an eye on Cindy, Samantha quickly forgets all about her, knowing her sister will be fine… and much better off than she is when an unexpected email notification comes in on her phone.

Having no idea who still sends emails anymore, at least in her circle of friends, Samantha is horrified to read the message, her phone screen flickering and going blank for a moment right as she opens the message. It says quite simply, “You have been Bimbo Bombed.”

Samantha has always been well behaved, responsible, and a far cry from what her parents worry she may become simply for being attractive. Therefore she knows just how serious Bimbo Bombings can be, nothing to take lightly.

Instructed that she has one hundred minutes to collect one hundred pieces of candy from one hundred different homes, Samantha knows she can’t waste time wondering if it’s a real Bimbo Bombing or some sort of prank.

Expertly managing to undo and remove her bra under her shirt, she figures tying off the cups together will serve as some sort of container for the candy she knows she has to get.

If Samantha can just collect the one hundred pieces of candy in one hundred minutes, it won’t matter if the Bimbo Bombing is real or not… she’ll be fine. But will she make it in time? And how will everyone react to an older girl, clearly no kid, clearly not in any sort of costume, running frantically door to door grabbing candy and using her own bra as a trick or treat bag?

The night was already ruined by having to watch her sister trick or treat… but now Samantha’s entire future might be at stake, the potential fate awaiting her worse than anything she can imagine. And she’s no longer watching… she’s the one trick or treating, shoving kids aside, sprinting door to door, counting the candy she collects, becoming more desperate as time ticks by.

This Halloween with the Kreme get Tricked and Treated… with a brand new Bimbo Bombing.


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