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Tales from the Kremey Zone Halloween Whorer Episode by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone Halloween Whorer Episode by Kris P. Kreme

On an October trip away from the stresses of work and daily life, Kyle and Amber seek only a quiet place in the mountains to rekindle the passion of their young marriage, but they might get more passion than they ever expected thanks to an unintended pit stop in… the Kremey Zone.

There’s something odd about the foggy town of Whorton where they end up with two flat tires. And there’s something even more odd and unsettling about the fog.

Find out just what the fog hides in Tales from the Kremey Zone, The Halloween Whorer Episode.


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A new television series has taken over the air waves with new episodes each and every month. But you won’t find this show on any channel, only played out in the depths of your imagination again and again until you just can’t take any more. Witness what happens when the delicate balance of reality and logic is shattered at the most unexpected of times and those who are forever trapped inside… The Kremey Zone. This is one of those tales, where anything can happen to anyone for no reason at all.

Witness the tale of two travelers, Kyle and his young wife Amber, taking to the road after only a year of marriage, seeking to find that spark again in their marriage by visiting a bed and breakfast in the mountains.

Unfortunately for Kyle though the journey is going to hit an unexpected bump in the road… a bump that brings with it two flat tires. Stepping out, Kyle and Amber quickly find themselves lost in a growing cool misty fog, walking to a nearby town only identified by an old faded road sign as Whorton.

It’s in this quaint small town that they do indeed find a mechanic named Bo but it’s more than a small town charm Bo seems to have talking to and about Amber in increasingly impolite suggestive ways. Calling up his tow truck driver Vincent, Bo seems helpful enough but the fog is thickening and with that fog might be building a most unexpected surprise to their unintended pit stop.

Will the young married lovers find themselves truly embracing the small town life? Is this small town even named Whorton and if not what is it called? And where does that fog really come from? Perhaps the real answers are just out of reach this Halloween with the Kreme… lost somewhere within the grasp of… The Kremey Zone.


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