Oct 06 2019

This just in… It’s HallowKreme…

This Just In Again by Kris P. Kreme

This Just In Again by Kris P. Kreme

Tonight Scarlett agreed to host a costume party for her two friends and their boyfriends, even though she has no idea what superhero her costume is supposed to be and isn’t at all sure about meeting the guy her friends are bringing with them.

But it isn’t that guy she might need to worry about meeting as someone else has arrived, a tiny man from an alternate dimension, an alien traveler and host of an inter-dimensional travel show called This Just In.

Gleeble Flog has returned to Earth, this time seeking to explore a human party… and as usual his misconceptions about all things Earth are resulting in extreme changes, changes Scarlett and her friends will end up enjoying.


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Scarlett isn’t looking forward to hosting the costume party her friends Amy and Kara talked her into hosting. Even if it is just Amy, Kara, and their boyfriends, Scarlett has never been the party or costume kind of girl. It naturally doesn’t calm her nerves any to know that Amy and Kara are bringing some guy to try and fix her up.

Having always trusted her friends, perpetually single mid twenties Scarlett is definitely having second thoughts, the costume Amy picked out really seeming over the top, an incredibly tight superhero outfit which contrasts her nearly neon red dyed hair. It’s bad enough she doesn’t even have a clue what sort of hero she is supposed to be, but always easy going Amy is laughing at all the doubts her friend is having.

Of course little could any of the gang ever imagine that this Halloween party is going to have an uninvited guest, a guest from beyond our time and space.

Yes in a burst of inverted color and through the travels of a spontaneous wormhole, Gleeble Flog has returned due to popular demand of his viewers, ready to host another fun filled episode of This Just In.

As the pint sized alien host of a travel show that visits random realms and alternate dimensions, Earth has always been one of his most popular episodes, where he last time visited a college campus. This time Gleeble Flog has received plenty of requests to revisit Earth and find out just what happens at something called an Earth party.

Yet unknown to Gleeble Flog, his telescoping pointer he uses to point out interesting observations has a most unnatural way of making those observations come true, which always leads to quite predictably unpredictable zany happenings even as Gleeble Flog is clueless to the changes he in effect is causing the local population.

Arriving just in time to see a most bizarre Earth ritual where apparently strange creatures from all over the Earth universe visit and the young of their species go door to door demanding peace offerings, he never knows it’s Halloween and those are mere costumes. But when Gleeble Flog spots Scarlett’s five party guests arriving, all dressed in costume, he never suspects his inter-dimensional entertainment show is about to truly warp the entertainment of Scarlett’s party in ways she can’t possibly imagine.

Just what sort of twists will this travel show take as Gleeble Flog uses his unknowingly powerful pointer to identify each of the guests? Will Scarlett actually become his own perverse limited understanding of a superhero? Will her friend Amy find new meaning to the clown costume she has on? And what about the boys, dressed as a dog, a robot, and a man in black?

On This Just In alien viewers get to see the craziest entertainment ever, but the real entertainment may be for once shy beautiful Scarlett and her soon to be forever changed guests as Halloween takes a truly out of this world turn.

You never know who might be at your door this Halloween from the Kreme… or how far from reality their visit will take you.


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