Oct 04 2019

Peter likes to play with Dollies on HallowKreme

Peter Geist Dolly Depraved by Kris P. Kreme

Peter Geist Dolly Depraved by Kris P. Kreme

Always a manipulator who uses her attraction to sucker men into her schemes, Dolly Depont’s latest scheme involves flipping a property for big profit. But she doesn’t know that the property happens to be occupied… by a sinister spirit named Peter Geist.

As Dolly’s latest plan unfolds and the poor older sap she has conned into thinking he is her boyfriend arrives with his son to help her walk through and look over what needs to be done in Peter Geist’s old farmhouse… the twisted fun begins.

And unfortunately for poor Dolly, she is about to discover what real manipulation is all about.


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Outside the town of Jacoby there has been a property that remains vacant, a farmhouse on that property home to the very reason why that property continues to remain just outside the reach of any who might seek to take it. And that reason is Peter Geist.

Over the years the ghost who calls himself simply Peter Geist has developed quite the talent for possessing all who enter, for using their bodies to play his ghostly games, and always leaving those bodies with quite lasting changes thanks to his playful interference. Some ghosts are playful, but Peter Geist takes playful to a whole new level.

This year a newcomer has big ambitions for the old farmhouse and land, but little does this manipulative young woman know that her manipulations can’t even come close to those of Peter Geist, and his manipulations are the kind a girl like Dolly Depont will never recover from.

At the house, on the phone, Dolly Depont is already busily playing the next step of her current scheme, a con on a poor sap named Mitchell to get him doing the labor on fixing up the old farmhouse. As far as Mitchell knows, Dolly Depont is his girlfriend, though he’s too much a sucker to wonder why a girl a few years older than his college age son would actually choose to be with him.

The truth is that Dolly never chooses to be with any guy, at least not in the way those guys always would like to fantasize about. She teases, toys with them, and generally suckers them into doing whatever she wants… then drops them once she has no further use, moving on to the next guy drooling for a chance with a cute girl like Dolly.

After the place is fixed up and with another man she has been playing pulling the strings of getting the property out from under the bank who owns it, Dolly sees nothing but dollar signs, yet little does she know it’s what she doesn’t see that she should be afraid of.

Peter Geist is always listening, always aware, and when disturbed always willing to teach a little lesson in what manipulation can really mean. So when Mitchell arrives with his son Chip, the both of them ready to walk through the abandoned old farmhouse and see what all needs to be done, Peter Geist is going to have some of his typically freaky fun.

Will Dolly Depont discover what it truly means to be toyed with when she becomes a literal doll? Will Mitchell and Chip discover a new way of bonding as father and son when they forget anyone named Dolly Depont ever existed and instead find this pretty fuck doll?

Naturally this will be the end of a certain manipulative selfish bitch’s never ending quest to get whatever she wants out of life… and in her new lifeless impossible toy like state, she will forever become nothing more than Dolly Depraved. Join the sinister spirit who possesses and corrupts this Halloween with the Kreme, as Peter Geist returns.


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