It’s Donnie’s favorite time of year

Donnie the Demon's Bodacious Bunnies by Kris P. Kreme

Donnie the Demon’s Bodacious Bunnies by Kris P. Kreme

During what promises to always be the busiest time of the year, Donnie the Demon is going to have extra help thanks to a suggestion from one of his seemingly most dedicated employees, Melgrim.

But Melgrim and his buddy Grimmel, fellow demons originally from hell, may have had a little more sinister intentions with the suggested Bodacious Bunny costumes the two new coed workers will be wearing.

Smart girl Jessie and socially sweet Miranda are going to quickly find a whole new way of selling the customers on buying costumes as they find themselves enhanced, and then find creatively kinky ways of enhancing the customers this Halloween.


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Jessie and Miranda have gotten seasonal jobs to hopefully put away some money for Christmas this year, and those season jobs just happen to be working as very special sales associates for Donnie the Demon during the month of October.

Unfortunately only one of the two college girls is very interested in working at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle, Jessie having no interest in the constant weirdness and generally dumb seeming quirkiness that always surrounds the always eccentric owner, Donnie.

Calling the girls Bodacious Bunnies, each have been provided bunny costumes and are to stay on the floor and help customers, make sure they are happy and find what they want according to Donnie. It’s an idea he’s all for since it came from his top employee… who also at one time happened to be a real bully from hell.

Over the recent year or so Melgrim and Grimmel have joined the team at Donnie the Demon’s Costume Castle. After all, his help seems to frequently go missing or move on in one way or another, so fellow demons seem just the right fit. But what lovably dimwitted Donnie doesn’t know is that Melgrim and Grimmel have another agenda in mind with the new Bodacious Bunnies.

As has become their routine during business hours the two are typically in the back of the store, monitoring the cameras, as Donnie says watching for anything weird to happen. Cluelessly Donnie never imagines the weirdness this Halloween season will be orchestrated and enhanced thanks to Melgrim and Grimmel’s meddling with Jessie and Miranda’s costumes. Neither coed is aware but the demons have coated their costumes with a very powerful lust lotion.

Heading off to either side of the massive warehouse costume store, only seeking to interact with customers, soon the girls will be doing a whole lot more thanks to the quick alterations of the lust lotion.

Curvier and bustier, the bunnies are more bodacious than ever by the time they start assisting customers, losing any inhibitions they had for a quite personal level of assistance. Though what will the daughter of one man think when her father falls into the lustful spell of Miranda’s eager assistance? What will the girlfriend of another shopper think about the way her boyfriend is easily falling under the spell of a persistently helpful bunny girl Jessie? And more important will daughter and girlfriend even remain human or are they destined to forever become mere props to the costumes that Miranda and Jessie sell the two on?

It’s just another day selling costumes in a place where horny demons pull the strings behind the scene, where the simpleminded owner eats mini-pizzas all day, and where nothing gets in the way of a little mind and body altering fun. Start out Halloween with the Kreme by finding just the right costume… thanks to Donnie the Demon’s Bodacious Bunnies.


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