Some smiles are devilish

Grin and Bare It by Kris P. Kreme

Grin and Bare It by Kris P. Kreme

An ordinary park near a college campus has hidden the biggest threat humanity never knew existed.

When workmen remove an old fountain, they free a demon only known as the Sinister Smile… a transformational corruption demon with no voice and form of its own. It can only possess innocent souls with flaming red hair, and only after they have freely offered a reluctant smile, the kind meant to resolve otherwise awkward situations.

Once possessed, the Sinister Smile can and will do absolutely anything with their human form, corrupting them in only the most depraved ways imaginable to feed its ravenous appetite.

Does college student Kyla, just wanting to study in the park, stand a chance?


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You wouldn’t know it by the bright sunny day in the beautiful park off campus where university students escape from their studies and one particular young lady goes specifically for studying… but a new form of hell has ascended on earth.

How could the men working in the park to remove an old fountain know that underneath the foundation of that fountain which stood for a hundred years was a demon like no other in recorded history? As red smoke escapes from their work early on the spring morning, they escape and block that section of park off, waiting for city inspectors to say if the smoke was dangerous. But the danger doesn’t show itself to just anyone.

This was the prison of a transformational corruption demon trapped by a priest long ago, a demon that has no name since names would give it weakness. Known over time in rumor and legend simply as the Sinister Smile, this was a very potent and deadly kind of demon for it only existed in physical form once it possessed a highly specific kind of human body. And once possessed, it would feed through the most depraved transformational madness that body could handle. After a hundred years, and feeling that perhaps it is the last of its kind, the Sinister Smile is ready to feast and regain its strength.

Still, like all demons of any value, there are rules and ritual restrictions the Sinister Smile exists by, and the particular ones ruling over it are very specific. It can only take possession of a body with hair of flaming red. At one time the Sinister Smile was actually responsible for the reputation redheads have had as wild, carefree, and unpredictable. Now freed once more it may ruin that reputation forever in ravenous ways. Additionally and perhaps most importantly, not every redhead is at risk for the Sinister Smile’s appetite.

It can take their form, take over their body, fully use them only once they have smiled a reluctant smile. They must have innocence, but freely give a smile that is not genuine, a smile that comes from situations not usually resulting in smiles. That is the true invitation for the Sinister Smile.

As it would just so happen, a young college student named Kyla happens to be studying in the park later that day after the incident at the old fountain. And even if she is nowhere near that fountain, she isn’t far enough for her presence not to be known.

Sitting on a park bench, scribbling in her notebook, working on a class assignment and studying a tablet beside her, Kyla is a diligent student and very sweet girl. She enjoys the green of the park, the fresh air, and is more than aware that people tend to stare when they see a pretty girl with hair like hers.

When some college guys come along, ironically looking for the old fountain because one of them swears he heard rumors about it granting wishes for real, those guys definitely notice a girl like Kyla, asking her if she knows where it is. But casual conversation can get unintentionally uncomfortable when one of the guys tries to hit on Kyla.

It’s nothing strange, Kyla used to the unwanted attention she sometimes gets. But she has always been good about handling herself, and as her mother always used to say when a situation is uncomfortable don’t let it get to you… just grin and bear it.

Yet that one moment after the guys walk away and are making somewhat leering comments and looks back her direction, that one instant when Kyla chooses to put a certain kind of smile on her face… that is when she feels a hot breeze and something very unexpected, something taking full control over her body.

Instantly terrified by the simple fact she is no longer in control, Kyla can only watch what her own wrist chooses to write in her notebook, what she suddenly is pulling up on the tablet, and what the evil cruel voice in her head is telling her she wants and needs most.

Just what will happen now that the Sinister Smile has taken form once more? Will those boys be getting everything they wished for without ever even finding the old fountain in the park? And what about the workmen… will they discover how much a pleasure work can be when returning to the park after getting the all clear later that day?

An all new Kreme Kharacter arrives on a hot breeze this spring, and if you have flaming red hair and are kind in spirit… be careful how you smile!


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