Being Frank means being generous

Let's Be Frank about Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Let’s Be Frank about Charity by Kris P. Kreme

Fun is always happening at Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, or is it?

During the off-season, Frank finds himself with few guests and even fewer opportunities to use the Fun Time Fuckuator, a mind and body altering device.

Warping the minds and bodies of strangers, guests, anyone who stumbles upon his casino resort, Frank makes fun part of his business. But this off-season is slower than most… until a group of sorority girls asks to set up a charity booth as part of their Humanities class.

Just how giving will the girls end up being after Frank opens his doors and the corrupting influence of twisted technology forever changing how they see themselves and others?


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Anyone who has ever visited, stopped by, or stumbled upon purely by chance Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort has found a whole new perspective on life. In fact quite a few have found new careers, new ambitions, and even new twisted versions of their very own bodies… all thanks to a little device which happens to be linked to every light, every speaker, every inch of advanced technology that Frank proudly has installed throughout the massive modern casino resort.

Yet sadly, this is what is commonly called in the business of resorts… the off-season. And this off-season is particularly rough for Frank since most of his more attractive staff happen to be on mandatory pregnancy leave. It’s completely unsurprising given the antics his staff gets up to, thanks to being mind manipulated, brain scrambled, and body altered using his innocent looking little pager device he always wears on his belt.

The Fun Time Fuckuator, as he calls it, has long been the secret to why Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort is literally the most fun around, a place where anything can happen as long as it’s perverse, and everything often does happen, but just what can possibly shake the absolute dullness of an off-season without most of his female staff?

Only Desiree remains to help him manage the attractions and events. She was once as innocent as any other, just part of some young women on their way to a bachelorette weekend, who after a car breakdown ended up finding their way into the crosshairs of the Fun Time Fuckuator… and now she is a rather pregnant, eagerly wicked, slut of an event coordinator who helps Frank with his nefarious intentions for female guests and visitors.

The two of them are walking the abandoned seeming lobby, few guests wandering the building, most of them just business men traveling, never knowing what amazing features they are missing being here during the off-season. That is when Frank spots a woman taking a picture of four coeds near the entrance, and that is when ideas begin bubbling to the surface in Frank’s depraved little mind.

As Desiree explains, the woman is the mother of two of the girls, all four of them from a local university, part of the Kappa sorority there. They came by because they were looking for a local business to set up a booth inside and collect for charity while also surveying those they see with questions for their Humanities class. Since it’s the off-season and there aren’t many guests anyway, Desiree turned down the request since casinos can’t just be giving profits away. But as Frank puts it, plans can change… and so can they.

Meeting and greeting the Kappa girls himself, Frank can’t believe his luck, all four of them younger than the usual casino guests, but just barely legal enough to enjoy rather gleefully warping their innocent little minds. The mother, Dolly, is a Kappa alumni who essentially serves as sorority mother to the girls, and she is a sharp one, very aware of every look Frank gives the girls, someone definitely to be dealt with if he’s to have any amount of fun with the coeds.

But Frank has always been as much a salesman as he has a casino resort owner, and it isn’t long before he has all of them excited about setting up their little tables in an unfinished future attraction central to the modern main lobby, an attraction that fortunately already has plenty of lighting and sound system effects set up… of course linked-up to his Fun Time Fuckuator.

Sadie and Katy are Dolly’s twin daughters, and while not identical, Frank has no doubt they will soon be identically enjoyable to his guests. Their friend Brittany is the youngest, just three days off her eighteenth birthday but seriously curvy and busty enough to make any man drool with her surprising innocence. Finally Hailee is the ironically youngest looking among them, the shortest, the most petite, and seemingly the most frustrated with her self-esteem. But all of these girls have come together for the cause of charity, and of course their Humanities class assignment. But will they also soon cum together in discovering how charitable they can be with their sexy little bodies?

Dealing with Dolly will be a personal task Frank enjoys, letting the girls set up their tables and get ready to greet the few guests he currently has as they pass through the modern colorful lobby. Dolly is such a smart and keenly aware woman, but that’s nothing a stiff drink can’t take care of… and Frank has modern robotic bartenders currently serving in place of his maternity leave staff. There’s just the drink for a woman like Dolly, one bound to give new meaning to her own name, a name she will happily accept after trying a unique drink that permanently changes her into little more than a living sex bot.

That only leaves the fun of sitting back in his office with Desiree, the two of them watching as the Fun Time Fuckuator is activated but not tuned, meaning all four charitable coeds will corrupt themselves with their own pre-existing personality quirks. Just what will they find themselves becoming, how will their changes in attitude and desires create kinky and cruel actions between these once loving caring friends and sorority sisters?

It’s time for charity to be redefined, and there’s no place better than Frank’s Fun Time Casino and Resort, a place where four coeds are about to discover what it truly means to give until it hurts, to give more than a smile in exchange for a few bucks, to give more than they knew their bodies could give.

And just when you thought it might end there, what will possibly happen when Dolly’s husband, Sadie and Katy’s father, and the fathers of their two friends stop by to see how they are doing? How will these men react to the depravity unfolding, or will they find themselves being quite charity about sharing their daughters with each other?

Let’s be Frank about Charity, giving from the heart feels good… but giving from the body might feel even better.


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