It’s always a gamble

Let's Be Frank About Gambling by Kris P. Kreme

Let’s Be Frank About Gambling by Kris P. Kreme

Six young friends are about to discover there’s a lot more pleasurable ways to lose your shirt at the casino, and sometimes the most unlikely vacation can leave you changed forever.

Heading to a place none have heard of or been to, Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort, Jake, Lonnie, and Kyle could never imagine that the fun they have will mainly involve transforming their loving girlfriends into strippers, sluts, whores, bimbos, and more… all thanks to a special device the casino resort owner calls a Fun Time Fuckuator.

They’re barely in the door before one of them is already changing, and over the course of their vacation they will all have fun, whether they want to or not.


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Three young couples are about to find out a simple truth about gambling when they spend a few days at a casino resort; the house always wins, and sometimes you lose a lot more than your money.

Lonnie’s work buddy Stan, a buddy whose promotion Lonnie just happened to take not too long ago, recommended a casino resort far off the beaten path of well known resorts. It’s not Jersey, it’s not Vegas, but according to Stan this is the place you want to go in order to cash out. Other places always are rigged to keep the guests happy while slowly draining their wallet. But not this place… a place none of the others have heard of and aren’t all that impressed with after the long drive there, a place called Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort.

Even Lonnie’s girlfriend Sasha isn’t buying the genuine intentions of Stan recommending this place, nor that Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort is actually going to be much fun. Jake who is generally the most easygoing of the bunch isn’t all that impressed either, but they drove all day to get there, so no turning back now.

The three couples are close friends, but quite diverse, Kyle and Cindy the most budding relationship, still in that phase of snuggling and being overly affectionate, Lonnie and Sasha each outspoken and outgoing, never shy to speak up, and Jake and Alicia, Sasha’s oldest friend and the shyest of them all, a quiet but beautiful blonde.

None of them could ever imagine just how life altering this seemingly simple vacation will be for all of them, but especially the girls. At the entrance they get their first look at an impressive casino, big lobby, places for bars, shows, the gambling floor of course, and an unusually friendly owner who greets them right away.

Frank is a man who knows how to run a casino resort, a place where relaxation is only half the gamble one takes, and gambling might just relax a lot more than your wallet. And only the girls are a little curious why Frank would comp their rooms for the night and agree to settle up later.

While two of the couples head right away for their rooms, Kyle and Cindy take up Frank on his suggestion they hit the nearby bar as he’s sure they’ll enjoy the show.

But what happens when that show turns out to be amateur hour, where the bar lights dim and a random spotlight hits one of the women there so she can come up to the stage and strip? Kyle and Cindy aren’t the shyest. that’s for sure, but just how prepared can they be when the spotlight hits Cindy?

Little do any of these fresh faced young guests know, at Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort, fun is not just a goal, it’s a manipulated requirement, thanks to a special device Frank carries at all times called the Fun Time Fuckuator.

This device is linked into all lights and sound equipment throughout the resort, and with a push of the button on a pager like device Frank carries, more than just attitudes change. It happens the first night as Cindy, who finds the whole idea of amateur hour ridiculous and crass suddenly stands up and heads to the stage… changing the entire time, both physically and mentally.

Yet the next day when Lonnie and Sasha are by the pool asking Kyle where she is, they could never expect the sudden return of a girl looking little like the Cindy they knew and arrived with. But just what will happen to forever change Lonnie and Sasha’s relationship when Frank stops by wanting to make a friendly bet? And what about Jake and Alicia; will the most level headed and reasonably rational couple even find out what is becoming of their friends, or will Jake get distracted by a machine called the Slut Machine and unknowingly forever defile the innocence of his own girlfriend while playing?

At Frank’s Fun Time Casino Resort, everyone has all the fun they can handle, even if they never asked for it. It’s just a gamble what sort of fun will forever claim your innocence, and Let’s Be Frank about Gambling… the house really does always win.


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