Fashion gets Trapped

Booby Trapped CLOCKdown by Kris P. Kreme

Booby Trapped CLOCKdown by Kris P. Kreme

Joselyn Jacobs is the daughter of ultra-wealthy high fashions business owner Oliver Jacobs. While much of the world struggles with quarantines and lockdown, Joselyn lives in lavish isolation in her father’s palatial mansion.

Protected from the virus, the riots, and protests, there’s one thing nobody can escape. Finding an alarm clock oddly placed in the pantry, that clock goes off, and Joselyn gets a phone call she never expected.

Informed by a cruel modified voice that she has been Booby Trapped, the fit young blonde will have to race around the mansion to stop other clocks from going off. If she doesn’t she will go bust more literally than any business during the pandemic.


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The worst pandemic in a hundred years has left no one’s routine unaffected, but Joselyn Jacobs has been certainly spared the worst of it… until now. A spoiled rich girl, beyond just rich, well into the super-rich heiress level of wealth and comfort, Joselyn has been on lockdown for her own safety in the massive mansion of her father. Oliver Jacobs gained his wealth in the high fashion industry with a massively successful series of clothing stores for high dollar customers around the world.

Stuck in the lap of luxury with only Caruthers, the faithful butler who makes all food runs, Joselyn has been well protected from both the virus and the riots, many of which have centered around her father’s clothing stores since Oliver Jacobs never made clothes for anyone besides the wealthy white customers mostly. However one day after Caruthers brings home and sanitizes the groceries, Joselyn is looking for just the right snack, nothing greasy to blemish her flawless skin, nothing too fattening to ruin her slender model like blonde figure.

It’s on a shelf near fresh pastries that Joselyn Jacobs finds a little white alarm clock, completely out of place. Little could she ever know that her easy life of comfort and safety has just reached a turning point that will have quite heavy repercussions for her forever. The moment she touches the alarm clock, it goes off, two little bells on top ringing so loudly she stumbles back from the lavish pantry.

As she silences the alarm, her cell phone rings, and Joselyn Jacobs gets a most unexpected call. Her father set the phone up so she wouldn’t get scam calls, or bothered by anyone, so maybe the unknown number is him calling to update her on the situation with protests and riots and how business is going during the lockdowns and quarantines. Answering that call Joselyn finds herself listening to anything but the comforting voice of Daddy, instead hearing a cruel and electronically altered threatening voice which informs her she has been Booby Trapped.

As sheltered a life as Joselyn Jacobs has led, even she knows what Booby Trapped means, an impossible seeming form of phone terrorism where the victim is given tasks to complete and if they don’t, their boobs will expand massively, forever ruining more than their posture.

According to the caller, Joselyn has been targeted for being a spoiled rich bitch who lives in comfort and ease while the world burns around her during the troubling times. She is told for each task she can’t complete, her perky small tits will grow multiple cup sizes, and her specific tasks will be a series of races around the massive mansion she enjoys during lockdown.

There have been several little white alarm clocks placed throughout the palatial residence, and each task will involve Joselyn racing to reach those alarm clocks before they go off. Tapped into the security cameras throughout the home, the caller can monitor each task and see Joselyn the entire time, but are any of the tasks even possible?

Racing from one side of the enormous home to the other and back again in less than ten minutes, sprinting up and down all eight staircases in less than twenty minutes, and ten laps in an Olympic size swimming pool in less than fifteen minutes. Each task is progressively more difficult, especially if failing the previous one, and as Joselyn stumbles right out of the gate she’s wondering if she was set up to fail without even a chance of avoiding a busty fate.

She’s also wondering just who is behind this… could it be the butler, Caruthers? He was the last one in the pantry and the one who has been around her the most these last several months. Could it be someone rioting in a whole new way against the practices of her father in business? Or could it be someone else, someone simply amusing themselves at the beautiful rich girl’s expense?

Only one thing is certain for Joselyn Jacobs, it’s good that she’s rich because she’ll need a whole new wardrobe to fit the sexy freakish shape she’s about to get into with this physical race to save her dignity. And in the end, who will she become, and what will her once comfortable life be like?

The pandemic shut down everything, but for Joselyn Jacobs, her own moral innocence might be shut down at the ringing of an alarm clock when she finds herself under Booby Trapped CLOCKdown.


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