Oct 21 2015

Jack is back Readers!

Jack is Back by Kris P. Kreme

Jack is Back by Kris P. Kreme

Jack O’lantern became who he is countless years ago, cursed and trapped within the innocent looking form of a jack-o-lantern.

Now he corrupts all innocence with a glance, women driven into immediate fits of depraved perversity as they lock eyes with his glowing flame.

This year he is decor for an otherwise ordinary Halloween festival, but for Jason and Deanna, it’s going to be anything but ordinary.


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Countless years ago Jack was cursed and transformed, turned into a vessel of corruption for innocence, able to change any truly harmless and hopeful woman with just a glance of their gaze into his glowing jack-o-lantern eyes.

Over time the corruption of others has corrupted him. One look into Jack O’lantern’s smiling and seemingly harmless face, one look into the flames that eternally glow within, and all innocence is lost forever, all inhibitions gone, a driving urge that cannot be denied to defile and deprave themselves lower than ever imagined.

This year, Jack is back, and he finds himself having somehow ended up as decor at a Halloween festival, where games won’t be the only thing played, and rides want be the only thing ridden.

Jason and Deanna have been together a while but Jason clearly has different goals for where there relationship is headed than Deanna. He is looking more to a future with Deanna as mother to his children where Deanna wants to have her own say in the matter, and hates feeling like the only place for her in Jason’s life is on her back.

The Halloween festival was a nice date until he started bringing up sore subjects and now Deanna would rather look anywhere but Jason’s eyes. That is when she suddenly sees the little jack-o-lantern, just an ordinary looking Halloween decoration, and yet the feelings coming over her are anything but ordinary.

Instantly Deanna is rethinking everything about Jason’s wishes, rethinking just why she ever would have wanted to be treated as an actual person when she’s just a pussy to knock up, just a bitch to get fucked. Desperately and practically attacking Jason, Deanna is now all in on his plans, though not for any future date. She wants it right now, right this very minute.

Will Jason give in and give her what the corrupted Deanna wants? Will she find others to give her what Jason only wants but can’t seem to man up and provide? Find out when Readers Scare Month revisits an old inanimate friend. It’s Halloween and this year, Jack is Back.


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