Oct 31 2015

BeWere Readers! Fertile Fields returns for Halloween!

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields by Kris P, Kreme

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields by Kris P, Kreme

Dragged by her friend Shana on a camping trip, Jessica is not looking forward to this little escape from their troubles. Stopped and warned by a local sheriff on the way, they might find that for some troubles there is no escape.

Fertile Fields, the sheriff warns, was a town that appeared and took sanity with it, leaving chaotic pleasure in its wake. In the woods outside Fertile Fields there existed wolves, but when merged with the local men, these new beasts were something different, something much worse.

BeWere the Wolves of Fertile Fields marks the epic return of the town that changed everything.


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There is one place feared by all who find themselves there, even if fear transforms quite quickly to pleasures beyond imagination. A place that was a trap ensnaring countless travelers, perverting their souls and corrupting their desires, this location now exists as legend.

The answer to whether that place is truly gone is about to be answered, on the most frightening night of the year. Fertile Fields was deceptive, its true purpose hidden from the world, and what disguised it the most was the forest and mountainside surrounding it. There are creatures in those woods no one ever sees and talks about, but they do not perish.

Jessica is not the type of woman one sees on a camping trip to the remote wilderness. She’s definitely a city girl and has been much of her life. Unfortunately even Jessica can’t deny that some time away from the city, from her daily stresses and work, will do her some much needed good.

Dragged on the long drive by her best friend Shana, the goal is simple. Shana intends to escape the stresses that have plagued them, stresses like work, the city, and particularly men.

Having only recently discovered the truth about men being little more than animals, the stunning red hair of Jessica contrasts sharply with her dulled attitude. She isn’t looking forward to much of anything, having planned on just burying herself in work, occupying her thoughts. Shana though is ever insistent and after printing up a copy of some old faded hand drawn map she found, the two find themselves barreling down forgotten and rough roads, rising steadily towards some mountains, the forest closing in on them.

Neither has ever heard of the oddly named Tileeds Bypass, a road referred to on the map, and apparently bearing the same name as some town referred to vaguely in one spot of the poorly labeled map. There might be very good reason for that when a local sheriff stops Shana and Jessica on the way up the mountain.

Sheriff Duggins is a big man, strong, with striking blue eyes, but unlike many country sheriffs, Duggins seems to be hiding something. There is concern in his eyes and mannerisms, concern that pushes on the idea of both women continuing to drive, never stopping, and definitely not considering camping out in the nearby wilderness overnight.

As Duggins informs the two, the map is horribly faded and what they made out to read Tileeds is actually a place called Fertile Fields, and no one wants to find themselves there, even if he assures them the place doesn’t exist.

As the somewhat concealing sheriff warns, Fertile Fields was like The Flying Dutchman, a town that appeared only to those lost on the forgotten roads. It was a town that changed those who were trapped there and it was a perverse place women would never be the same from visiting.

What many didn’t know about the legend, Duggins says, is that when Fertile Fields first appeared, the locals who lived on the mountainside were changed. They became corrupted like all others touched by Fertile Fields but in a much more frightening way.

As a child growing up nearby, Duggins claimed he was warned about the wolves in the woods, but when Fertile Fields came, the wolves and those mountain folk merged, twisting their existence in a way never imagined before. The men would be men by day, but at night under a full moon, those men would change.

Sheriff Duggins claims to have lost a partner to the wolves of Fertile Fields, their vicious nature as beasts under the moonlight the least of the concerns for Jessica and Shana. As he puts it, one bite and the women will be theirs, the perverse lust of Fertile Fields spread by the bite.

Warning them, telling them to beware the wolves of Fertile Fields, Sheriff Duggins recommends they drive quick, straight through, past their intended camping site, down the old Fertile Fields Bypass until they find another place to stay twenty miles down the road.

As they drive off from the encounter with Duggins, emotion is running high in the tiny car Shana drove for this camping trip. Freaked out and highly considering his somewhat odd warning, Shana is ready to just keep on driving, but Jessica has had just about enough of a cramped car trip, frustrated and annoyed at even being dragged into this little escape of Shana’s.

Ultimately Shana comes around to seeing the clear plot holes in the story Sheriff Duggins told, the ridiculous nature of some old local urban legend. Joking and kidding about horny wolves, the two women find a nice spot, pull off the road, and head into the woods to set up camp before nightfall.

Of course maybe there was very good reason for the holes in Sheriff Duggins’ story and maybe the wolves of Fertile Fields are no laughing matter. One thing is certain as the sun sets and the moon rises, full and bright overhead. No one will be escaping tonight and Jessica and Shana each will find out just what animals men can be.

Readers Scare Month concludes with the epic return of Fertile Fields, more frightening and mysterious than ever before with more twists and unexpected turns than you can handle.


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