Oct 28 2015

Readers might want to Tweak things…

Tweak R Teats by Kris P. Kreme

Tweak R Teats by Kris P. Kreme

Erin and Morgan are pledging Zeta this year, suffering hell week and approaching the final task to be initiated at midnight on October 31st.

The problem is that this task is the most humiliating one yet, both of them told to wear only too tight underwear and collect candy by trick or treating door to door in neighborhoods off campus.

Even worse, they must only speak with giant lollipops in their mouths, and when those lollipops twist their words, one man with a knack for handling disobedience will truly get a handle on the both of them.


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If Erin and Morgan are going to finally become Zetas on campus, they have just one task left to do, one task in a week of humiliating tasks decreed down by the top elite in this envied sorority on campus. Still, even the more outgoing Erin is joining the always shy Morgan in being a little iffy about sorority girl Vanessa’s latest demand.

They’ve put up with a lot this week, but to finally make it through hell week, the girls are told they must go trick or treating in nearby neighborhoods and that is only the start of the humiliation this final task will involve. Blonde beauty Erin and busty shy girl Morgan will have to wear only tight panties and bras while trick or treating, sizes of undergarments definitely not meant for girls as curvy as they are. They will also have to fill two pillow cases full of candy and return by midnight to complete the task.

Of course Zetas on campus are known as girls who can handle a little public attention, but more than that they have a reputation as being experts in a certain oral art. While Erin and Morgan are suffering their humiliation at being a spectacle on people’s doorsteps, they will only be able to trick or treat with giant lollipops in their mouths, perhaps the most truthful part of the truly sucky initiation task.

Even if Morgan blushes and finds herself horrified at the thought of what they have to do, Erin knows they can manage. It’s just a little embarrassment and only for one night. Heading off into the off campus neighborhoods, they get an early start and for the most part it seems to go fine. If anything, the most embarrassing part turns out to be how lisping they sound speaking around lollipops, their words coming out totally wrong.

Muffled and lisping words may be just the beginning of what they eat when the two sorority hopefuls find themselves on the doorstep of a man named Gil Graven. Gil is quite well known in his neighborhood as a man who enjoys his peace and quiet, the solitude and privacy of his home and yard. He tolerates no disrespect and certainly no disobedience, and Gil Graven finds it extremely disobedient for two underdressed coeds to be standing on his doorstep so late at night.

As soon as the girls lisp out the words trick or treat, their lollipops twisting the syllables into tweak r teats, Gil has his answer for how best to handle these nuisances.
They made a dumb decision ringing his doorbell tonight, and therefore Erin and Morgan are destined to be dumb animals. With a little of just the right tweaking, their teats will ensure them to be exactly the dumb animals Gil intends them to become.

Remember readers, it’s Halloween so milk the most fun you can. Just try not to do so with any disobedience… or else you might be surprised what happens.


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