Oct 13 2015

Getting caught in traffic can be fun Readers!

Traffic Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Traffic Bombed by Kris P. Kreme

Traffic alert message boards are intended to help those on the road, but for a bunch of motorists in standstill traffic on the freeway the message boards are about to carry a very special alert.

You have been Traffic Bombed, and everyone from kids headed to a fancy party to a blended family heading for a Halloween Costume Ball are about to discover just how much in car entertainment they can have… with each other.

Bimbo Bombed takes to the road for Readers Scare Month.


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Traffic can be a real nightmare, particularly on the roads no one can easily turn off of. On a Saturday in October when everyone is heading somewhere, traffic has come to a complete standstill for many travelers.

There are three friends on their way across town to a fancy party, dressed in their best, and riding unfortunately in a tiny sports car, at least one of them feeling more than a little cramped. Don, Seth, and Wila have been friends since childhood, but Don isn’t liking the tiny passenger seat just sitting in a parking lot on the road.

As Willa tries to reassure them that traffic is moving at least a little, the next vehicle over, Lucy and Norman are nothing but enthused about the Halloween Costume Ball they are going to with Lucy’s daughter Jennifer. Sure the traffic is a nuisance but Norman isn’t letting much bother him, his wife, his stepdaughter, both taking it easy, all three of them dressed as pirates, or as in the case of Jennifer pirate wenches.

Life is at a standstill and no one knows what the traffic jam is caused by, especially thanks to the apparently busted traffic message board suspended over the road ahead.

But is it truly busted? What happens when a message suddenly appears for just a brief time, a message that Wila looks up and sees, that Lucy and her daughter both gasp and stare at, a message so disconcerting that they can’t even say much about it, shocked that someone has printed such a message where so many can see it.

According to the message, they all have been Traffic Bombed. All women stuck in traffic should begin providing in car entertainment or else become the biggest slut they can imagine in just one minute.

The message scrolls across the board, and after a minute, the sign goes back to blank and blinking. Blank and blinking is just the looks coming over Wila, Lucy, and Jennifer seconds later as their fellow passengers notice the odd behavior.

Traffic has just gone from bad to worse, but this is one traffic jam no one will end up minding all that much, especially when Wila is going wild for her two closest friends, closer than ever soon enough. And of course, especially when Norman suddenly has a couple of slutty pirate costumed women begging him to rape and pillage them, to truly be the gruff man who takes what he wants and enjoy their bountiful chests like a treasure he’s just swindled.

As woman on the freeway will soon be finding out, sometimes you get stuck in the traffic and sometimes the traffic gets stuck in you.


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  1. Darkwolf

    Only question I have is why is this not available on Amazon yet? Smashwords doesn’t work for me so just curious.

    1. Kris P. Kreme

      Amazon didn’t like the work and won’t publish it.

      If you want a free copy, use the Kontact Kreme link and I’ll send you one.

      1. Playerprime

        That sucks, the brief synopsis got me ready to buy it. I just hope they don’t do this again, I bought alot of your books from there.

        1. Kris P. Kreme

          If you want a free copy, use the Kontact Kreme link and I’ll send you one.

          Amazon doesn’t give a reason for why they did, just that they did so. If there was a reason, I would alter the story accordingly. The iBook store is a lot more strict and they accepted it.

          Go figure.

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