Oct 09 2015

Beware the Zimbos Readers!

Dawn of the Brain Dead by Kris P. Kreme

Dawn of the Brain Dead by Kris P. Kreme

Dawn is having one hell of a morning, particularly after the intelligent woman receives an urgent plea to chat online from one of her more nutty friends.

Her friend Greta claims that the unexplained disappearances lately of successful intelligent women all over the world is caused by reality television.

Apparently television has finally become so mindless it is literally killing women’s brains, leaving them empty lifeless lumbering bimbos, or zimbos as she calls them.

Is this all just crazy rambling paranoia, or will Dawn truly rise to believe and become what she never wanted?


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Dawn has never been all that much of an early morning person, definitely a bit of the lumbering zombie in her. Today though she has no idea just how true such a fact about herself that will become.

She was always a very intelligent highly motivated woman, as far back as she can remember, and today as she is getting her morning coffee, just one thing is baffling her intelligent mind and it’s the latest news on satellite radio.

Lately it seems there have been more and more of what has generally become known as adult amber alerts, mysterious disappearances of high profile women, women who are heads of corporations, brilliant scientists, and other successful females.

As she’s only just really waking up, Dawn’s laptop notifies her that a friend wants to chat and she’s fine with that, even if Dawn knows this specific friend, Greta, can be a bit bizarre and a true worrywart about things she half the time is simply imagining.

Today though Greta is much more serious seeming, asking strange questions of Dawn, concerned that something may have happened to her, something the news hasn’t covered but something that might just tie together all the oddness in the world lately, particularly the adult amber alerts for attractive intelligent and successful women.

Video chatting with her friend, Greta, the woman seems freaked out, relieved to see that Dawn is still Dawn, but the morning is about to get stranger and possibly sillier as Greta launches into an overly amped up warning for Dawn. Watch out for reality TV, she says. It is turning women stupid and killing their brains.

Assuming her friend to have finally slipped off into the deep end of bizarre conspiracies, Dawn sips her coffee, simply waking up as Greta continues. She explains that for years everyone claimed that TV rotted the brain and that reality TV came along and sped up the process. She says that all over the news those famous and successful women vanishing mysteriously were somehow connected to reality TV.

Whether it’s being featured on a reality show, coming down hard in the news against it, or just watching it, all of the major disappearances are related and it seems to be striking attractive intelligent women first.

Having a cheerleader mother and athletic father, Dawn always had good looks, and that was why Greta was concerned. Of course Dawn isn’t taking much of this seriously, the very idea of it all ridiculous, particularly when Greta claims that what women are succumbing to is Zimboism, or the simple state of becoming a zimbo.

As she explains it, there have been recoveries, unreported in public news. Some of the women have begun to turn up and they are no longer themselves, reduced from the intelligent females they once were to crazed mindless hungering sluts, brainless bimbos desperate for sex. According to sources online that only a conspiracy nut like Greta would find, the women are literally brain dead, no activity, only the endless hunger to feed but not on food, simply on sex in every form.

It isn’t until later when Dawn is getting dressed casually for what she plans to just be a quiet day off around the house, that her nutty friend’s warning is realized. Pulling on her jeans, she accidentally knocks the television remote in her bedroom onto the floor and inadvertently changes the station.

What it changes to will change everything and bring a whole new Dawn to life, a literal awakening inside her as her most prized quality suffers an immediate demise.

They’ve said it for years, television is mindless. Now prepare to welcome an all new Dawn. Zimbos are real and one of them will be Dawn of the Brain Dead.


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