Oct 07 2015

Strike a Pose for SINtendo Readers!

SINtendo Camera by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Camera by Kris P. Kreme

Constance is prepared for the unwanted task of cleaning up her stepson’s room while he’s at school. What she isn’t prepared for is an unexpected appearance on his television, thanks to inadvertently kicking his video game controller.

She’s caught on the SINtendo Camera, and curiosity gets the best of her, impressive changes she makes to herself onscreen ultimately leaving the well intended stepmother much dirtier than the room she came to clean.

Readers Scare Month takes readers to a new level in the game of fear with yet another SINtendo special.


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The last thing Constance wanted to spend her day doing was cleaning up her eighteen year old stepson’s room. Alex takes after his father and while she certainly doesn’t mind her husband Daniel being carefree and easygoing, she can’t stand it in Alex.

The messy room is made worse by the fact she has guests over occasionally and with the split entrance to their home, no one can avoid looking down and seeing the chaotic room where clothing, trash, and who knows what is strewn everywhere.

As she heads in full speed, tossing trash in trash bags, carefully grabbing the unpleasant but typical dirty magazines and stacking them neatly on Alex’s dresser, Constance realizes that unlike his father, Alex seems to just lack the drive and ambition. For him the easygoing life is all there is, and he seems to never socialize, never date, and spend all his time playing video games in his room.

Accidentally kicking a game controller that was hidden beneath some magazines, Constance is about to come face to face with much more than just Alex’s favorite game system. She’s about to come face to face with herself.

The television has glowed back to life, clearly not turned off and simply in sleep mode as Alex is off at school for the day, but she never anticipated seeing herself on the big screen and no matter what buttons she pushes on the controller, the image doesn’t change, constantly focused on her as she moves about the room.

Giving up, Constance resolves to just clean up and leave, ignoring the slight feeling of being watched as one gets when constantly on camera. Of course much more is happening than a simple camera on Constance, something made much clearer when she is carrying a bag of trash out and notices that there are written labels appearing on the television screen, overlaying her and many of the things she has been collecting and cleaning.

The flashing words beneath her very own name draw Constance back to the mysterious SINtendo game system Alex has, words which simply ask one question. Do you wish to make changes?

Before Constance knows it, she is playing with the controller, sidetracked and watching some impressive visual effects overlay her image on the screen. Like some photo manipulation software on computer, the SINtendo Camera appears to be able to enhance her look, remove her flaws, even make her mirror image look younger.
But what happens when Constance looks down at herself and finds the changes haven’t just been happening on the screen?

Confused, horrified, and embarrassed, Constance is quick to close out her session with SINtendo Camera but in doing so, what happens when she merges all the labels on screen, everything from dirty magazines to trash bags and of course Constance herself?

Find out when Alex gets home and discovers that sometimes an unwanted cleaning can make things downright dirty, but only in the best way thanks to SINtendo Camera.


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