Oct 25 2015

Readers should look for the Hot Spots

Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

A small ghost hunting team led by the bold redheaded beauty, Erica, and backed up by the equally levelheaded  dark haired Justine is about to have a very successful investigation.

They always fear failure as a team but tonight they’d best get ready to find frightening fear in the success of finding undeniably paranormal evidence inside a home.

Cold spots are ghosts but hot spots are something much more powerful, and Erica and Justine are about to stumble right into the hottest spot around, coming out so much hotter in the end.


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Erica has led her small team of paranormal investigators on many outings, and the most popular time of year to do so is during the cooling late hours of nights close to Halloween. For ghost hunters like Erica, the fear becomes a thrill, but this one investigation might just come with thrills none of them were expecting.

The truth is that only two members of the four member team are really genuinely there for investigative purposes, Erica and her friend Justine having the most passion for the hunt. Justine’s stepbrother, Lonnie, was drawn to the team by the secret love of Erica and Zane was pulled in by no less than lust for Justine.

For Lonnie’s part, crushing on a ghost hunter like Erica has at least given him the passion for research, and tonight he is very concerned about a recent thought-provoking article he read about hot spots.

Every ghost hunting team out there knows about cold spots, the supposed dramatic lowering of temperature in a space of a room associated with spirits drawing energy and heat away from the air. Though Lonnie feels that cold spots are not what they should be watching out for. Hot spots are apparently very dangerous, believed to be the presence of something inhuman, something that never existed on earth, nothing less than a demonic spirit.

Trying to impress upon the others the importance of the new findings in the article he read, Lonnie is sadly met with little respect. Erica knows he isn’t fully into the paranormal investigation scene and Justine of course knows her stepbrother is mostly after Erica’s attention. Zane is meanwhile too busy making jokes and trying to get Justine’s eye by using the totally wrong methods.

Sent outside by team leader, the fierce redheaded Erica, Lonnie and Zane are as usual dismissed from the serious beginnings to another ghost hunt. But as Lonnie and Zane check the perimeter, take some EVP recordings and get some digital pictures outside the home, inside Erica is about to discover that sometimes the less motivated team members might be best listened to.

In one of the bedrooms, using their thermal imaging camera, Erica discovers exactly what Lonnie had warned about. A hot spot is floating, roughly human shaped but suspended in space, warmer with brighter reds and yellows on the thermal camera.

First trying to debunk and dismiss the hot spot as a source of some warm ventilation, Erica and Justine find nothing. There just is no logical explanation, no normal one. They both know that where there is no normal explanation, whatever is left may just be paranormal and that is when Erica has the idea to record as Justine steps inside the hot spot, to see how it feels, make sure the reading isn’t a malfunction of the equipment.

It seems safe, seems perfectly valid to do so, Erica having led dozens or more investigations and never having had a problem, ghosts never able to harm a living person. The last thing she suspects is that the real danger isn’t from ghosts, as hot spots are not signs of ghosts and this hot spot has a taste for the paranormally perverse.

Something evil has set a trap, no different than a Venus fly trap and two pretty ghost hunting flies are about to get lured right into it, Justine and then Erica finding the hot spot enveloping them. Possessed by a presence they’ve never encountered before, both are soon very much interested in an all new investigation, ones where they investigate thoroughly just how much sexual punishment their bodies can take.

Some tales are tense and terrifying, others are titillating, but in the end the men of a small paranormal investigation team will find everything they ever wanted in a terrifyingly titillating tense night that takes them from spooky and cold all the way to the hottest of hot spots.


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