Dec 29 2020

There’s something odd about that Krismas Stable

Stable-ized by Kris P. Kreme

Stable-ized by Kris P. Kreme

Madison and Courtney are college freshmen who have found the perfect winter break job. At least it seems that way at first, the chance to work for Santa’s Stable, a reindeer themed seasonal park out in the middle of nowhere not far from campus.

But EHI has rented the park for the three-week winter break and unknown to the girls, they’ve made changes to the acts… acts which just might bring out a primal instinct in each of the cute coeds.

Will Madison and Courtney be helpless to prevent their minds and bodies from becoming Stable-ized?

On the eleventh day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave two girls… a brand new job inside a barn that keeps their mind in swirls.


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College coeds Madison and Courtney have found the perfect winter break job, but it may be much more permanent a situation than they ever imagined, especially when they are assigned to work in Blitzen’s Barn at a local Christmas themed park called Santa’s Stable.

A corporate group known only as EHI has rented the theme park for the entire three-week winter break and at least according to the man Madison talked to several times on the phone, they will pay quite well for girls like them to come and work there over their break from school. Only having been on campus for four months, Madison and Courtney are roommates and best friends, but Courtney isn’t so sure about this job.

As Madison assures her busty blonde roommate and friend, the worst they might have to deal with is some bratty kids of a corporate executive. Santa’s Stable is just an old Christmas theme park, with various attractions and shops themed around the classic reindeer.

As they arrive though, it’s clear that Santa’s Stable is a lot more impressive a place than either expected. Currently undergoing some changes with new giant letters being hoisted into place out front for the entrance sign, it seems it was built on what was once a huge rolling hill farm complete with giant old barn, now converted into a feature for the park called Blitzen’s Barn.

But after meeting with the head representative of EHI, Sebastian, the girls are evaluated and it’s with a fairly sinister grin that they are chosen to work in Blitzen’s Barn. Supposedly two of the EHI top young men, going by Dasher and Donner perform a sort of magic illusionist routine there as the barn is set up for audiences and performances. But they don’t want to be called magicians, even if Madison and Courtney see their job as being magician’s assistants.

Having to sign waivers accepting all magical changes, the girls just think it’s part of the silly theme of this park, but how could they ever know just what EHI stands for, and just what sort of assisting they will be doing in that barn?

Dasher and Donner are much more than mere illusionists, and there’s a very good reason Madison and Courtney were chosen to work in a barn, but it isn’t until they stand in that barn with the head horns atop their heads that Dasher and Donner explain the coeds ultimate fate. Who is EHI? What changes are being made to the old theme park Santa’s Stable? And are Madison and Courtney really going to be turned into half human half reindeer or is that all just part of the act?

The 12 Days of Krismas provide all sorts of seasonal entertainment… but sometimes that entertainment can really bring the animal out in you.


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