Dec 27 2020

There’s nothing quite like Krismas Candi

The Corrupt-her Cane by Kris P. Kreme

The Corrupt-her Cane by Kris P. Kreme

On the way to shop for some last minute Christmas decorations while his wife cooks an early Christmas meal, Anthony has just about had enough of the bickering between his supposedly grown children.

Ellie has always been an easy target for her big brother, the college guy enjoying every chance to annoy the childishly sweet girl. But when he goofs around with a giant inflatable candy cane at a place called Trance-tory Trading Post, he may push Ellie too far.

On the tenth day of Krismas, Kreme Keeper gave to you, a shopping destination filled with kinky things to do.


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Sibling squabbling is nothing unique to a family, but for Anthony it might just drive him crazy before he even gets to where they are going. While his wife cooks a big early Christmas meal back home, Anthony has chosen to take his eighteen year old daughter and their home from college son out shopping for some last minute decorations for the house. How could any of them imagine that it isn’t the trip there which will really drive them crazy… but the destination?

Dressed in her happy elf dress, Ellie looks more like a baby to big brother Ryan, and the cocky college guy isn’t afraid to point it out, just to annoy her. And Anthony knows there’s just no ending the arguments until they get to a store, which is what makes him pull into a new store they’ve never seen outside of town… a place called Trance-tory Trading Post.

With the still constant bickering and Ryan making jokes about trading in his sister for a better model… it might not be too far from necessary after they all head inside, meet the rather loud man who runs the place, and begin browsing all the seasonal items.

As Anthony is trying to choose some Twinkle Lights, Ryan and Ellie are looking at other Christmas items, Ryan mostly just wanting to pester poor Ellie, a girl whose sweet innocent nature has always made her fun to mess around with.

But when Ryan hooks a giant inflated candy cane around Ellie, only meaning to annoy her, neither of them know that this is a new product called a Corrupt-her Cane. And while Ellie tries to stop him, feeling something wrong, one quick jerk of the Corrupt-her Cane seemingly breaks the sweet girl of all her innocence.

Just how will big brother Ryan deal with the fact his once kind sister is now talking dirty and being downright scary in what she says she wants to happen to her? How can he possibly explain it to their father? Is there a way to un-corrupt Ellie… and what can the man who works there do to help?

It’s just another typical shopping day at Trance-tory Trading Post, where the shoppers rarely leave the same way they came in, and where one family might be making a trade they never fathomed they could make.

There are plenty of bargains to be found during the 12 Days of Krismas… but some of them come at a cost you might not want to pay.


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