Jan 07 2021

New year brings new Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #51 - Criminal Whims & Horny by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #51 – Criminal Whims & Horny by Kris P. Kreme

Welcome to a whole new year, and good riddance to the last one. In fact last year was just criminally not fun… so let’s start out by grabbing some Criminal Whims. You’re bound to lose control when you look into some eyes, though the second grab this month will flat out bring new meaning to being out of control and Horny.

This Grab Bag Includes:

Criminal Whims – Kiera Dent is a sharp detective, tougher than she looks. Having led the hunt for criminal, Lawrence Voss, she’s about to interview the man, hopefully finding a pattern to his depraved crimes. Unfortunately, Lawrence Voss has a way of getting in ones head, of messing with their mind quite literally, and Kiera may find that all his random whims have been leading right to her the entire time.

Horny – While their mom is away, Caleb can barely keep the peace between Abby and her younger brother Tyler, even though both are technically adults now and should be fine on their own. But when Tyler finds and puts on some cheap old costume devil horns, Abby finds herself incapable of looking at those horns without feeling… Horny.


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