Jan 09 2021

Some Residences are just Evil

Residential Evils by Kris P. Kreme

Residential Evils by Kris P. Kreme

Maddie and Simon have moved into the house of Maddie’s dreams, a historic old structure that has stood in one form or another for 169 years.

But this new home may already have a resident that neither are aware of, an evil spirit eager to get rid of both of them. The spirit of a lady of the evening from well over a century back when the building was a brothel, she intends to possess Maddie and use her to terrify Simon.

Unfortunately, possessing a beautiful body like Maddie’s comes with feelings and urges the spirit forgot. Can this evil resist the lust and carnal satisfaction having a body again brings or will Simon and Maddie’s marriage be getting spiced up like they never imagined?


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Simon and Maddie are a happily married young couple, but even on their wedding day Simon wasn’t sure he saw Maddie smile as big as she did the day they moved into 696 Wiccan Way.

It’s a very unusual home for a suburban neighborhood, as it just happens to be older than every surrounding home and most of the very town it’s located in. Larger than some of the others, an original structure that stood there in the remote northeast one-hundred and sixty-nine years ago was renovated and converted into a home as the suburbs grew up around it. There are original walls and visible structure of the historic building massive original brick and stone supports and even towering windows, but all of that has been modernized and added to, making it both new and old, the oldest in fact in town.

And while his beautiful blonde wife is fascinated and excited about living in such a home, Simon can’t help but think about the maintenance and upkeep that will be needed on a home like this. Still, anything that makes Maddie this happy can’t be all bad, can it?

The truth is that some homes hide evils even the most innocent can recognize, and little do Simon and Maddie know that a particularly powerful evil resides in the home they have recently purchased and moved into.

Long ago, well before modern days when records of such locales were kept, the original structure that would one day become their home was in fact a notoriously popular brothel. It was run by a woman who also worked providing pleasure to many men at the time, but puritan bigots accused her of being a witch and set fire to the building, leaving it the remnants which would stand until a developer turned it into the home Maddie fell in love with.

That woman of the evening died that night and in dying became more powerful than the witch she was accused of being. And as the month Maddie and Simon move in just happens to be precisely one-hundred and sixty-nine years later… thirteen times thirteen, the evil spirit has power well beyond any she has known over the countless years.

She’s not happy at all that these humans want to call her home theirs, and she intends to frighten them away, never to return. But what happens when the spirit possesses Maddie the first night and gets that warm welcome sensation of being within a beautiful female form once again?

Can the evil spirit resist a powerful lust she has long forgotten, a human need and desire, or does the intention to scare away turn to a passion Simon has never seen from his wife before?

Will this evil spirit be able to try again, to try harder, to possess and in fact change Maddie’s body into something guaranteed to have Simon grabbing her and leaving never to come back? Or will the longings of the whore she once was surpass any evil intentions and bring Maddie and Simon together in ways they never imagined?

Maddie fell in love with the house, but as Simon discovers, something within that house may have soon fallen in lust with Maddie… as the happy couple faces some truly Residential Evils.


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