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Mar 27 2021

Grab some monsters in March

March Madness is still upon us, and the Madness of the Kreme has yet to end! Will readers fear the monstrous madness Kreme creatures can unleash; can they even handle it? Victoria was a sweet conservative girl, until she encountered a surprisingly dumb creature of the night. She then became a variation of vampire you’ve …

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Feb 27 2021

There’s something cooking in this Grab Bag

Remember readers, we’re still facing a pandemic, so here’s to staying healthy. One way might be to make sure you get plenty of nutritious milk to drink… but is there such thing as too much? Stephanie was just a horror fan heading to remote locales to work as a maid, but the real horror might …

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Jan 07 2021

New year brings new Grab Bag

Welcome to a whole new year, and good riddance to the last one. In fact last year was just criminally not fun… so let’s start out by grabbing some Criminal Whims. You’re bound to lose control when you look into some eyes, though the second grab this month will flat out bring new meaning to …

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Nov 27 2020

Grab something before Khristmas begins

The Grab Bag returns just in time for the holidays, so remember to dress well for them. What you wear says a lot about you, but it can change even more, especially if it’s Thread Bare. And if you’re staying home this year, cooped up with the wife, why not make a friendly wager to …

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Sep 30 2020

Grab a little something before fall begins

College is back in session and if you thought there was enough to worry about with the pandemic, think again… although Cassandra may find herself unable to think about much of anything after getting Stuck in Bimbo Limbo, and when Katherine working on a thesis of how the media is manipulating viewers gets a sample …

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Aug 28 2020

Grab something in the heat of August

You don’t need safety precautions to Grab these two special tales… there’s nothing safe about them! Kiera only intended to hit the store early, find some good sales… but she never counted on a terrorist plot selling her. Darwin Darius never had much luck charming the ladies, but when he gets angry it’s most unfortunate …

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Jun 24 2020

Grab something for the beginning of summer

The summer heat is here and with it another Grab Bag FULL of Kreme. And these two twisted tales are all about being full of cream. In the first, online pranking video star Pete intends to prank his girlfriend with fake money, but the prank gets very real when that fake bill changes everything. Next …

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May 25 2020

Grab two classic Kreme Tales

You don’t have to be six feet away to Grab these two twisted tales. In the first, if you thought going to the store had become crazy… you haven’t seen anything yet. Witness the truth behind alien visits, their true motivation of insane reality altering pranks. Then witness an entity known only as the Narrator …

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Mar 31 2020

It’s still possible to Grab something

Life may be non-grabby right now with social distancing… but you can still Grab yourself some fun. Dolls are for little girls but big girls make the best dolls as you’ll see in these twisted tales. Erica never took seriously her boyfriend’s career of game testing until she became that game. And Samantha was always …

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Feb 25 2020

Grab something from the Bag

A good Grab Bag needs plenty to get your hands on, and this month you could get more than you can handle. But don’t let that concern get you down, Cheer Up, or let Chloe cheer you up as only she can do by the end of her tale. Then witness the masterful mental mesmerism …

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Jan 30 2020

There’s still time for a Grab Bag

It’s a new year, full of opportunities to GRAB, but in this BAG you might find more than you can handle. Looking for some inspiration for your creative writing, perhaps the beginning to a career and not just a job. Look no further than the epic tale of a strange rock and how it brought …

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Dec 31 2019

There’s always a Grab Bag around Krismas

Christmas time brings out the best in everyone… but what about the worst of those out there? For Earl, the perverted spoiled son of a mall owner playing elf for the mall Santa, he never imagined some real elves would change his luck with women forever. And for Ned, a middle-aged pervert who likes leering …

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Nov 30 2019

It’s getting chilly, better bundle up with a Grab Bag

Chilly weather brings some extra fun in the Grab Bag this month. After all nothing beats a great pair of Fun Bags, as a couple of traveling coeds discover in a Japanese vending machine. But take a lesson from a good girl seeking signatures for a good cause, when someone doesn’t like solicitors, you might …

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Nov 01 2019

The Grab Bag makes an appearance at Hallowkreme

For the first time ever, the spookiest season gets ready for even MORE pleasin’ The weather has chilled and so will your blood, readers, as you Grab a pair of terrifying tales! Whether it’s the quite literally titillating tale of a mythic menace known as The Boobeyman, or twisted toys grabbing you with multiple arms, …

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Aug 04 2019

Take a dip into the Grab Bag for August

Does the summer heat have you hallucinating, or worse is it just stressing you out? Then perhaps you need to handle your anxiety like Mindy and take one deep breath. It’s a sure way to feeling like a stress free doll with plenty of time for things like reading. But when the words on the …

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Jun 30 2019

There’s a Grab Bag for the summer

The heat of summer has arrived, but nothing can prepare a struggling dad for the Hot Mess he’s about to have at home. And from one S.M.U.Ty tale of dealing with teenage rebellion to another, therapy can always help you get a handle on things… especially when what you’re getting a handle on is so …

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