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Aug 04 2019

Take a dip into the Grab Bag for August

Does the summer heat have you hallucinating, or worse is it just stressing you out? Then perhaps you need to handle your anxiety like Mindy and take one deep breath. It’s a sure way to feeling like a stress free doll with plenty of time for things like reading. But when the words on the …

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Jun 30 2019

There’s a Grab Bag for the summer

The heat of summer has arrived, but nothing can prepare a struggling dad for the Hot Mess he’s about to have at home. And from one S.M.U.Ty tale of dealing with teenage rebellion to another, therapy can always help you get a handle on things… especially when what you’re getting a handle on is so …

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May 31 2019

The Grab Bag is always environment friendly

Something crazy is going on with the climate these days, but something crazier happens when a selfish woman is persuaded to Save the Planet. Yet getting influenced to reduce and reuse your own body is nothing compared to a ruthless corporate woman facing a truly uncontrollable future thanks to Corporate Voodoo. This Grab Bag is …

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Apr 27 2019

It’s always good weather with a Grab Bag

The weather is warming, the flowers are blooming, and it’s time to change more than attitudes. Whether it takes a photographer to truly expose all new ideas of fun for some girls, or the right kind of sunscreen to give a girl quite the sunny disposition, it’s time for an all new Grab Bag of …

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Mar 30 2019

Spring cleaning includes the Grab Bag

Spring time brings all new opportunities to bust out of your comfort zone, like Meredith who stops being shy and enjoys her own busty busting out after being Autocorrected. So for Spring Break this year, enjoy a little heat, enjoy a little extra-curricular activities, but before you break you might just have to work on …

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Feb 28 2019

The Grab Bag always looks for improvements

Get those resolutions going, and make some major improvements this year readers. You could study hard like Amber, making her poor boyfriend so horny he buys Bimbo Pills. Or you could exercise yourself right into the perfect figure… for about nine months or so like Gabrielle. So many changes, so much of the year left …

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Jan 12 2019

Grab some fireworks before the Kreme’s 600th book arrives!

A new year means new opportunities to grab everything you can… online or off, so let’s start the year off right with a juicy pair of online tales you can’t resist grabbing. A coed named Kiera discovers it doesn’t take a long chat to have lasting consequences, while another coed named Paula lets pop-up ads …

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Dec 30 2018

A Grab Bag at Krismas can be a treat

Jingle Bells, Krismas smells like thick lust in the air, whorish wives and chatty guys are tales that you can share! This Grab Bag includes: One Whore’s Open Sleigh: When Scott and his much younger wife Kelly take a ride on a sleigh which glides into their gated neighborhood, the ride may just take them …

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Nov 13 2018

Changing channels can be a Grab Bag

Fall has arrived, so tune in the big game with our first tale, but it may be the commercials that have you cheering most. And much more than the leaves are falling this Fall when a lovely young studious librarian is visited by a man with a plan.   This Grab Bag includes: Badvertising: Some …

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Sep 01 2018

SIN10do September begins with a Grab Bag

As Summer ends and Fall begins, it’s time to play some last minute games. What better company to assist in those games than SINtendo with a double dose Grab Bag during SINtendo September? First up, it’s a serious warning of a tale, sharing the dangers of playing SINtendo Whee YOO. Then discover the real meaning …

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Aug 04 2018

Summer is time for a Grab Bag

Summer time, time for taking a trip and keeping the lawn under control. Just be careful about the friendly talkative stranger you sit beside on any trips, because if you’re young and pretty, his talking could be truly mind numbing. And never disrespect the boy that keeps the lawn under control, because he might control …

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May 27 2018

Summer’s going to be a Grab Bag

Summer is just around the corner but don’t get Busted sneaking out for some fun or the fun might just get more out of you than you can handle. And while some are outside, others are cooped up in stuffy offices, so have a rewarding konversation with a friendly secretary. It’s time to Grab the …

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Apr 28 2018

The Grab Bag springs into action

Spring has sprung and it’s time to feel the heat. Just be careful what heat you ask for… you might not be able to handle it. But if your wife isn’t feeling the heat, always remember a trip to the spa. It can do wonders for mind and body, and never sucks… in a bad …

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Apr 07 2018

It’s never too late for a Cupid Grab Bag

Lust is in the air and it’s getting difficult to breathe… as we enjoy a double dosing of Kreme guaranteed to bring cupid chaos and something Trance-tory. This Grab Bag includes: Cupid’s Arrow: Clay isn’t like many of his classmates in the senior year of high school. He isn’t eager to see another Valentine’s Day …

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Jan 04 2018

New Year’s is a Grab Bag of holiday goodies

December brings a chill in the air, but get ready for a doubly hot treat. First put on your stockings and prepare to get stuffed, then face a little merry mayhem with the mistletoe. Thanks to the Kreme, there are plenty of ways to keep warm this winter! This Grab Bag includes: Stuff-her Stockings: Christmas …

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Dec 02 2017

Some Black Friday specials are a Grab Bag

It’s November already… and more than just temperatures are Going Down! But first, prices are dropping on bargain days so shop for that special someone. With a little luck, and perhaps a little magic, you might just get the perfect someone! This Grab Bag includes: Black Magic Friday: Intending to shop the bargains and come …

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