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The Grab Bag #63 - I’d Appreciate It… & Massaging Away the Migraine by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #63 – I’d Appreciate It… & Massaging Away the Migraine by Kris P. Kreme

The heat is here, and there’s nothing hotter than the pressure of a new job, but Tony finds his wife and daughter feeling the pressure of his job more than him, especially since that new job involves Trance-tory and his bosses show their appreciation. And this is a Grab bag after all so what would it be without some serious grabbing? Denise has had it with her gorgeous bimbo roommate, Bella, doing nothing to pay her share, but playing a trick on the airhead involving a painfully extreme cure for headaches may massage away all of their troubles and more.

Grab some seasonal changes as the Grab Bag heats up nicely this month!

This Grab Bag includes:

I’d Appreciate it…: Tony’s new job coding at a data consulting firm seems like a dream, but it may quickly become a nightmare after meeting his new bosses on his first day there. Just what is the strange power they have over all under them, this odd control they use with the words so frequently spoken, “I’d Appreciate It,” and is it related to their firm’s biggest client… a name everyone has heard of?

Massaging Away the Migraine: Annoyed with her close as family roommate Bella doing nothing to help with rent or anything, Denise plays a rather cruel joke. She tells Bella that an old family cure for headaches, especially migraines, is to squeeze and massage your boobs, to only be more brutal and rough with them the more severe the headache. It’s a Readers Choice lesson in the dangers of true gullibility.


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