Everything Sinister now in one collection!

The Sinister Serum Super Set by Kris P. Kreme

The Sinister Serum Super Set by Kris P. Kreme

Over 66,000 Words of Kreme!

The entire Sinister Serum Series in one volume!

Witness the fall of a shining metropolis, and the rise of a depraved villain like you’ve never seen before!

It’s opposite day in New King City… or it soon will be. A nerd named Mickey Morno has begun human testing with his serum, one that reverses every pathway in the brain, every thought, feeling or ambition flipped opposite to what it once was. Superheroes, cops, twisted science, and one nerdy guy are at the center of this comic book styled epic tale of good versus evil, where the good guys can become the bad guys… or bad girls much to the amusement of a rising supervillain.

And once his uprising is complete, jump forward to a year later, when Mickey Morno has slowly taken over the underground crime community of a once beacon of hope metropolis named New King City. Now, Mickey and his sinister serum which flips heroes to villains and innocent to depraved, will finally flip the entire fated future of New King City, targeting an elite academy where future minds are instructed… but soon corrupted.

And finally witness the ultimate final move of villainy, as after developing a sinister serum that flipped personalities and minds, Mickey Morno has made weak lackeys out of super strong jocks and slutty whores out of proper moral women. He has corrupted and ruined the modern metropolis, New King City. He took their superheroes, Three Queens, and made them his.
 Now it will finally be time to make a move, and Mickey is making one hell of an ambitious one, and it’s quite unexpected.

But don’t stop reading yet, as there’s a bonus after credits scene to this blockbuster of a book… days after the Flipping Fate of New King City was realized at the hands of evil genius Mickey Morno, three students have returned from an out of state educational challenge. The halls are quiet, lockers dented in, condoms littering the floor, and before they can even process it, grunting cavemen that were once chess club members are chasing with thuggish intentions.

It’s a tale that tells of a world where heroism defeats villainy each and every day, with real world masked figures standing for justice. But what will become of that world when an ignored and devious loner discovers a way to flip everything upside down? For the first time brought together in one comic styled collection, enjoy The Sinister Serum Super Set!


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