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Abstract X-pressionism: New Canvases by Kris P. Kreme

Abstract X-pressionism: New Canvases by Kris P. Kreme

Simon discovered the depths of his perverse creativity thanks to an art tablet his teacher Miss Julie brought him.

Abstract X-pressionism is a Trance-tory tablet and it corrupts the users as much as who the users see through its many filters and artistic adjustments. It left Miss Julie a dumbed down curvy bimbo as Simon took the tablet home.

Now that home will provide New Canvases. Simon’s sexy sweet stepmother Jessica, the bitch of a college age daughter she has, or his own father who rarely pays attention, all can be sculpted, painted, molded and manipulated in ways only a depraved artist could ever imagine… with help from a Trance-tory product of course.


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Over 10,000 Words of Kreme!

When Simon’s favorite art teacher Miss Julie brought a new advanced tablet to one of his after school one on one art sessions, neither of them ever imagined it would redraw their entire lives. But after Simon discovered that the tablet could do a lot more than just bring pictures of the real world into the tablet to be artistically reimagined, he let the thrill and control corrupt him.

Created by Trance-tory, the Abstract X-pressionism as it is called features something called A.R.T. or Augmented Reality Training inspiration, meaning the world seen through that tablet can be changed in impossible creative ways to add to a virtual portfolio that will get Simon into any art school in the country. But since he left Miss Julie with her mind wiped and her body enhanced, Simon has more immediate concerns that college to take care of.

He has a whole new world to finally be unafraid of, to take on and manipulate to his own perversely creative vision… starting with his home life.

Simon was always a creative and quiet kid, and his dad never took much interest in that creativity. In fact, the only thing his dad ever did really that benefited Simon much was marrying Jessica, probably the inspiration for why Simon was drawn to a sexy redhead like Miss Julie. Jessica has treated Simon better than she often treats her own daughter, truly adopting him as the son she never had… but that daughter, Sasha, has never been anything but a massive problem.

Leaving Miss Julie a dumbed down curvy bimbo of a teacher that everyone, especially their principal, will enjoy, Simon is plotting and planning to see where the creativity of the art tablet will take him once he arrives home.

At home, life is no longer the fun twisted abstract corruption he just left behind, but at least Jessica is somewhat interested in where he has been and why he’s late as she works over the stove for a big family dinner.

His dad barely seems to pay attention, watching a game on TV, and Sasha is nothing if not the cruel annoying bitch she always is, wanting to go out but stuck at home because her mother wants a good dinner together for a change. But Sasha is quick to notice the confidence Abstract X-pressionism has given Simon for standing up to her abuse and insults with perverse ones of his own… even if none of them could imagine how twisted their night is about to get.

Simon has always secretly lusted after Jessica, and her daughter is pretty much a younger version of her, but thin and flawless. She’s quick to give herself that compliment when she insults Simon by saying she would model for his new art tablet only when she is too fat to escape their pathetic excuse for a blended family… words that may just come back to haunt her as all it does is inspire the corrupted young artist.

As soon as his dad comes in to sit at the table, dinner almost but not quite done, Simon moves to sit a distance away from all of them, snapping a picture that all three can fit in, turning off the subject awareness settings on Abstract X-pressionism as suddenly all of them forget Simon is even in the room.

But this is the first time he has ever dealt with multiple subjects on the fancy and powerful art tablet. When Simon discovers that while the subjects remain unaware of him or what is happening to them, they can easily be quite shocked or surprised by what is happening to the others, he has all new creative challenges to tackle.

Using Sculpt-her mode on Jessica, Simon can finally give the milf the fat curvy ass he always thought she should have, but what happens when Sasha turns and sees the drastic changes her mother has experienced at the stove. Simon needs to shut her bitchy mouth up and after turning his father into the silent statue he has always been in ways, but with quite the creatively sculpted physique, Sasha may get more than a mouthful to keep her quiet.

But just how far will Simon take his twisted use of Abstract X-pressionism? He has all new canvases to sculpt, paint, and redesign as much as he wants to. Will he get sloppy with his art, will he feed much more than his creativity at this dinner table, or will Sasha get the biggest meal of her young life, one that truly does leave her too fat to escape?

Find out in the surprise sequel that sees Simon from Abstract X-pressionism taking the creativity home and making much more than just an artistic statement about how that home will be from now on.


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