Is there really such a thing as bad technology?

The Broken Wingman by Kris P. Kreme

The Broken Wingman by Kris P. Kreme

Will and Charlie are best friends, and all in favor of strong independent women, every bit as capable as the men in their lives.

But where Will found his successful businesswoman wife Leanne and they have a brilliant brainy assertive college daughter Nikki, Charlie has never had any luck with women.

One night over beers after a meal Will cooked, Leanne and Nikki cleaning up, Charlie confesses that he got a new gimmick he hopes will help.

The Wingman supposedly sends out electromagnetic pulses to dampen and dull the wall women put up, making them open and subservient. But what happens when that tiny device gets damaged and starts to overwhelm all of their minds?


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Charlie has never been a bad guy, and certainly never a bad friend to Will, his wife Leanne, or daughter Nikki. In fact he’s probably the closest friend Will has kept since college decades ago, but one thing Charlie has always been bad at… is finding a woman in his life.

It isn’t even like Charlie has restrictive views on the kind of woman he’d like to meet. Just like Will, he is every bit the fan of strong, independent women. In Will’s marriage, Leanne is highly capable, successful, having risen in the ranks to bust the glass ceiling at her company, and college girl Nikki is well on her way to doing the same. They have strong ideas, even stronger convictions, and a determination Charlie has always admired and thought his buddy the luckiest man alive for having.

But will Charlie’s desperation for love and quirky sense of trying anything to find it end up changing everything in ways neither man could imagine?

On an otherwise ordinary evening, where Leanne and Nikki are cleaning up in the kitchen after a meal Will cooked, Charlie and Will are sipping on some beer and chatting in the living room. That is when a lonely Charlie happens to see the photo of Leanne and Nikki, all dressed up in their strong conservative attire, one a successful businesswoman, the other well on her way to the same success. And Charlie mentions his latest plan to finally get what his best friend has… a device he found called The Wingman.

As he explains it to an amused Will, The Wingman is an electronic device that sends out very specific pulses of electromagnetic charges into the atmosphere of a room, a club, wherever one is trying to get to know a woman or on a date.

Never surprised by the lengths and crazy schemes his buddy will go to just to see if he can change his luck with women, Will is mostly amused, listening to how these pulses can supposedly affect women’s minds, make them more docile and subservient, as he puts it.

Charlie makes sure to mention that he only wants to activate it during that awkward phase where a woman has her defenses up and just won’t give a decent guy like him a chance. As he puts it, The Wingman is only and edge, not the end goal. But Will is laughing, mostly at the thought of Charlie actually buying into such a silly concept. Of course, even he can admit, his friend is certainly not getting any younger, middle-aged with less and less time to start his own family. But the lengths he goes to are just ridiculous sometimes.

But how could either of them know that while cleaning off the counters in the kitchen, Nikki happens to accidentally knock Charlie’s wallet and keys off the counter where he left them before dinner… and in doing so, The Wingman, a credit card sized device inside that wallet gets damaged and activated?

As a discussion about men being mostly drooling idiots who think women have their place starts to change, neither women are fully aware that more than just their defenses are down. The anger and determination about showing themselves capable and independent slowly but surely dissolves and more docile submissive ideas are more happily talked about.

Leanne is even teasing her daughter Nikki about having big boobs, about dressing nicer to show her body off, and even to the point of debating whether she should quit her high-paying job as senior vice-president of the company to spend more quality time with Will.

Just as they are shaking off all funny feelings about why they are talking about what they are talking about, just as Leanne is talking Nikki out of her bra to better show off her natural heft up top in the sun dress she wears… that is when Will and Charlie walk back in, both men confused and somewhat embarrassed by the uncharacteristic behavior.

Fighting off his far too flirty friendly submissive wife, Will is wondering if they have been drinking. And that is when Charlie realizes The Wingman has somehow been activated.

Quickly turning it off, sending the women to bed, hoping they will sleep off whatever obviously mind-altering effects it has had on them, Will and Charlie are faced with a rather dire situation.

But as they sit in the kitchen, trying to figure out the situation, hoping it was only some bizarre temporary effect that took the dominance and independence right out of Leanne and Nikki… will Charlie and Will even realize that not only is the broken Wingman still active, it’s damaged pulses are now affecting the two of them?

Will these men who always loved strong forceful women suddenly find themselves overwhelmed by a force that has them seeing Leanne and Nikki in whole new ways? And will Charlie have finally found the start of his own family, as Will considers expanding his?

What if you could finally get any woman to just give you a chance… all with a device called The Wingman? And what if that Wingman got broken and all you wanted was a subservient little woman to use and enjoy?


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