May 15 2019

You’ve just entered… The Kremey Zone…

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 1 by Kris P. Kreme

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 1 by Kris P. Kreme

The Kreme Keeper finally breaks his silence of twisted torrid tales where the boundaries of reality and reason forever break down affecting the most unsuspecting individuals.

From the tale of Leonard, just struggling to deal with all life has dealt him lately, needing a desperate thirst quencher to stall the allergy tickle in the back of his throat to the tale of Kelly and Kimberly, mother and daughter traveling the lonely roads and having an unfortunate series of car troubles, these are the tales of freakish things happening in the blink of an eye.

Just what twists and turns will ordinary events take to forever change our stars in this first episode of Tales from the Kremey Zone?


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A new television series has taken over the air waves with new episodes each and every month. but you won’t find this show on any channel, only played out in the depths of your imagination again and again until you just can’t take any more. Witness what happens when the delicate balance of reality and logic is shattered at the most unexpected of times and those who are forever trapped inside… The Kremey Zone. These are those tales, paired up per episode, where anything can happen to anyone for no reason at all.

Tales from the Kremey Zone Episode 1 picks up with a man named Leonard, just a normal guy who’s been dealt a very bad month. You see Leonard was kicked out of his apartment by his now ex-girlfriend after that girlfriend cheated on him with his now ex-best friend.

So Leonard of course finds himself interviewing for the job he’ll desperately need just to get his life back on track and it all might be going smoothly if not for those dreaded spring allergies.

He’s never been to Innovatech and he’s early for his interview when allergies strike, a tickle in his throat, a persisting nagging annoyance that only grows worse when Leonard realizes he can’t find a single water fountain in the maze like corridors of this confusing building.

A drink machine, anything would do as he struggles to deal with the constant tickle in the back of his throat, as he fought off the coughing fit which inevitably would happen.

And when hope finally seems close to fading forever, a Break Room offers the oasis to his desperation for water. But is this Break Room within the boundaries of logic and reason, or has Leonard just wandered and lost himself forever within The Kremey Zone?

Will this Break Room or the attractive young employee there, Olivia, improve Leonard’s month or perhaps will something snap within Leonard like the limits of his own strength and desires; will he take like so much has been taken from him?

Also in Episode 1 an ordinary mother trying to stay connected with a rebellious teenage daughter by taking a cross country drive finds herself driven to all new extremes after a break down leaves her renting a new car… the one car the rental agency has available because nobody else wanted it.

Kelly knew there was a time when she probably dressed to show off her young maturing form, where she like her beautiful virgin daughter Kimberly wanted to show off her body, but she never has adjusted to how best to mother a daughter who both complains about older men leering yet dresses in ways only to ask for such leers.

Determined to be a good mom, a friend as well as mother, Kelly has enough when the rental guy spends more time staring at Kimberly’s young tits and not at her mother who is just awaiting a replacement rental car after the last one broke down.

Taking the car they have, a car with some issues he says, Kelly just wants to be back on the road never to have to see these creeps who see her daughter as merely an object of lust. It was supposed to be a fun trip, and maybe they can salvage some of that back on the road.

But is it the issues the car has, randomly functioning wiper blades and problematic blinkers that steer Kelly and Kimberly right into The Kremey Zone, or is it something else that changes Kelly’s parental attitude into one of pure debauchery?

Only one thing is certain, by the end of their road trip mother and daughter will certainly relate like never before, Kelly introducing her daughter to the world for what she always will be, and may have already been dressed for, a role men will definitely pay money to enjoy.

So stay tuned readers for your favorite new show, and perhaps one day you yourself may find yourself starring in Tales from the Kremey Zone.


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