May 11 2019

Fashion always means Selfies

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #36 – A Mind for Fashion & Hot Spots by Kris P. Kreme

Temperatures are rising and it’s time to change your clothes to fit the season. But what if your clothes could change you? Anyone knows selfies are nothing without a little passion for fashion, so salivate over a stylish sequence of selfies like never before.

This Selfies Includes:

A Mind for Fashion: Terry Taylor was laughed at in college, his ideas so out there no one paid him any attention. Ridiculed by teachers, by the Dean, even behind his back by his best friend, Terry pushed past it all and succeeded more than they could have dreamed. In less than a year, Liqui-cloth, the nano-technology programmable clothing, has become a worldwide sensation, and now Terry has returned to settle scores.

The Changing Room: Bekah and Megan are close sisters, having put up with many moves living with their dad. The latest move has them in a new town but this town seems to at least have a nice clothing store worth browsing. A comment from Megan about how slutty the clothes would probably make Bekah look begins a challenge and more than a couple visits to the changing room to prove her wrong.


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