May 21 2019

Care for some… gum?

Popping the Cum Gum by Kris P. Kreme

Popping the Cum Gum by Kris P. Kreme

Henry and Kristi couldn’t be more different. Where Henry is a shy loner in their graduating senior class, Kristi is a forceful outgoing beautiful cheerleader.

But both fight one battle equally as well, the prank war they’ve waged for years now. After Henry’s latest prank humiliates Kristi more than she feels fair, she has just the prank ready to win the war for good.

Cum Gum is what the joke chewing gum is called, and promising confidence, impossible erections, and ejaculation in any man who chews it, Kristi knows Henry is gullible enough to try it.

But who will pay the price when the gum actually does what it claims, and Kristi startles Henry into swallowing it?


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Kristi and her stepbrother Henry have been at war since well before Henry’s father ran off with some Vegas stripper, leaving Sandra to raise them both… but it’s largely been a fairly harmless war in the grand scheme of things. Theirs has been a prank war, the pair now close to graduating, just a week and change away, a final end to the years of trying to one up each other and generally have some amusing fun at the others expense.

But then Henry plays a prank that goes a step too far in Kristi’s opinion, one that not only embarrasses her with green hair, but as the star of Henry’s newest online prank video getting as many viewers as depraved perverted comments about how hot she is.

There’s not a lot of time to get him back to pull the ultimate prank on the loser stepbrother who knows that Kristi has always been the more popular, the more forceful, and the more confident of the pair.

Where Kristi has been head cheerleader, in all the popular clubs at school, and standing tall and slender with flawless black hair that displays her dominance and beauty, Henry has only been confident in those moments of the prank. He never has had the backbone to get out there and grab life by the balls… but thanks to the ultimate prank Kristi has been saving for just such an occasion, both of them may realize just what balls Henry is capable of having.

Kristi had seen the product a while back online, had ordered it from a prank product website by some company called Trance-tory. It was seriously over the top and after she’d gotten it, she felt bad about even using it on Henry since the prank would truly humiliate him and theirs was a mutual respecting relationship. After all Henry had been the one dumped with Kristi’s mom after his dad ran off. He’d been lacking in confidence all his life, a shy kid really except in the heat of those pranks.

The pranks were all that brought out a more lively smiling or laughing Henry, so Kristi had chosen to put the prank chewing gum aside. Except now he’d truly humiliated her, and all those online creeps were seeing her and drooling, making horrible comments. It was time she humiliated him, finished the war with one final atomic bomb of a prank… and that bomb is called Cum Gum.

According to the obviously fake label, Cum Gum is a chewing gum that when chewed will give a man constant erections and impossibly large ejaculations, hence the name. But more than that, the label also claims chewing it will boost a man’s confidence, make him more assertive in getting what he wants.

It’s the perfect bait, Kristi knows, because deep down Henry is like every guy out there. He’d love nothing more than a big dick and plenty of confidence.

Setting up seven cameras, pulling out truly all the stops, Kristi picks the perfect day for the prank, the day Sandra, her mother, is heading off on a seven day cruise as part of a job related seminar on the seas. They will have an entire week at home alone for the humiliation from this last big prank to settle in. There’s simply no way Henry would possibly top this.

With the cameras set up both zoomed in on the label of the gum and pulled out at various angles to capture every second of the action, the plan is simple. Henry will come in and wonder where his cell phone is… since Kristi took it from him in a rage after he was reading crude comments on his last prank video. Having placed his phone alone in the center of a table in the sun room right beside the pack of Cum Gum, she knows his curiosity will get the better of him.

All he needs to do is what she knows a shy loner like Henry will naturally do… pop that Cum Gum in his mouth. Then she’ll jump out, scare him, and everyone online will see the sad pervert he really is, trying to take silly Cum Gum to boost his undersized poorly equipped male ego.

It’s a true prank to end all pranks with Henry, and everything seems like it’s going perfectly until Henry accidentally swallows the Cum Gum, Kristi jumping out and scaring him a bit too much.

Even according to the fake label on the gum swallowing is very dangerous, but as Kristi quickly discovers, the danger might be to her as amazingly enough Cum Gum does exactly as the makers claimed.

Henry is in horrible pain as his dick gets absolutely huge, beyond huge, freakishly hard and his balls so painfully full he can hardly speak much less relieve the pressure on his own.

What’s a girl to do when the closest thing she has to a brother is screaming in pain, needing help with quite the personal situation she caused?

Will Kristi help Henry, or will Henry’s pain subside into an all new confidence that quickly has him manipulating the situation even more in his favor? It’s no prank that this war will result in casualties on both sides, and by the time Sandra returns from her cruise, the humiliation and more will be flowing in white hot rivers.

Henry may finally be oozing in confidence as Kristi oozes something else, thanks to Popping the Cum Gum.


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