May 24 2019

Kome to the Café

Koffee Kakes Café by Kris P. Kreme

Koffee Kakes Café by Kris P. Kreme

Koffee Kakes Café is the new morning hot spot. Shy conservative wife Kelli has read the claims, seen the ads, that Koffee Kakes uses all natural alternative ingredients for the highest health choice in what to eat and drink in the morning.

Along with her loud unfiltered friend Neele and their lesbian friend Nicky, Kelli is in line, ready to see what’s special about this new café.

But why are the people leaving different than the ones entering, and what’s with the private ordering area where no other patrons can be seen eating or drinking what they ordered? Kelli is suspicious.

But will her suspicions save her and her friends from the secret ingredients of Koffee Kakes Café?


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Over 11,000 Words of Kreme!

A shy conservative married woman takes her two best friends to check out the brand new morning hot spot for food and beverage on opening day, but none of them may be prepared for what the taste will forever change about their minds and bodies. It’s the place everyone is talking about, the all new Koffee Kakes Café.

Kelli has always been the shy traditional one of her close group of friends, a redhead, attractive, but not near as bold and outgoing as her proudly bitchy friend Neele. And they are both different than their lesbian friend Nicky who can equally be as bothered as Kelli by Neele’s occasional loud outbursts of unfiltered opinions.

Along with her two besties, since her husband is out of town, Kelli is excited to see what makes this Koffee Kakes Café so special. She’s seen the advertisements and promotions, and so have obviously plenty of others as the line opening morning is out the door and down the sidewalk, a slow line that Neele is unafraid to quite vocally complain about.

Supposedly Koffee Kakes uses all natural but alternative ingredients in making every item and beverage on their menu. These are claimed to be high health very special ingredients, no sugar, no caffeine, nothing bad for anyone, in the coffee or the variety of breakfast cakes and various other beverages. Of course no one has ever really eaten at a Koffee Kakes Café before since there’s never been one in town.

It’s while waiting in line that Kelli begins to get a little concerned. The line is one thing, even the line being very slow to progress, but when Nicky notices that everyone leaving Koffee Kakes from another clearly designated exit at the far corner of the building looks vastly different than when they entered, Kelli begins to get worried. Where normal men and women entered, the ones leaving look more than just woken up for the day, they look downright flawless, buff, muscular hunks of men, absolutely gorgeous and somewhat dumbed down women.

But is it possible that Kelli is just imagining those differences, since after all maybe a group of very attractive models or something entered the café before they ever got in line?

Neele is mostly amused, quite vocally excited by whatever this place serves that leaves a girl busty, ditzy, and accompanied by two devilish hunks. She even jokes about whether the menu includes a couple of hunks like that. But as Kelli is quick to point out, she’s married too, and more than being just embarrassing to those around them.

It’s one of the men standing in front of them in line that further causes concern for Kelli as the line slowly lets them in the doors. Alex is a business man on his way into the office, but he was called by his wife an hour or so before as she was entering Koffee Kakes Café and told he had to come try the place. But according to Alex he hasn’t heard a single word from his wife since, and that isn’t like her. No texts, no calls, and she strangely hasn’t replied to any of his.

Where her perpetually horny friend Neele and lesbian friend Nicky are obviously easily distracted by the hot patrons leaving the place, Kelli isn’t so unfocused as to not worry that maybe something isn’t on the up and up here. Koffee Kakes Café seems a bit outside her comfort zone and suspicious at the very least.

As they finally enter, it’s even stranger that they enter into a small little corridor with frosted glass walls on either side of them. The restaurant eating area is completely private it seems, as they’d noticed the tinted windows from the outside, and only two employees are taking orders at the end of this little hall. Those employees, just as the ones leaving, are flawless. A musclebound hunk of a man and a bubbly blonde each smile and process the newest patrons, everyone getting what they order, then going through a side door into the eating area.

It’s all very strange and yet Kelli can’t quite figure out a definite reason not to at least give the quirky morning restaurant a chance.

Menu items are as odd as everything else, she thinks, items like The Breakfast Beefcake for men, Mindwipe Malts, Koffee Kakes signature Sweet ‘n Swell Muffins, Mooo-rning Koffee with extra Kream. But obviously her friends and even Alex still unable to reach his wife have no trouble placing their orders, getting their foods or drinks and proceeding through into the eating area.

Just what will Kelli order, and what awaits her beyond those frosted glass walls in the dining area? Will she be able to figure out the secret to Koffee Kakes Café in time to save her friends and possibly herself a fate none of them can imagine?

The slogan goes You can’t truly wake without a Koffee Kake but just what are the customers waking to become? Even a shy wife like Kelli always knew that whatever you eat or drink first thing in the morning will go straight to your head, but her head may never be prepared for what it finds in Koffee Kakes Café.


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