May 31 2019

The Grab Bag is always environment friendly

The Grab Bag #37 – Save the Planet & Corporate Voodoo by Kris P. Kreme

Something crazy is going on with the climate these days, but something crazier happens when a selfish woman is persuaded to Save the Planet. Yet getting influenced to reduce and reuse your own body is nothing compared to a ruthless corporate woman facing a truly uncontrollable future thanks to Corporate Voodoo. This Grab Bag is made from sinfully recycled material.

This Grab Bag includes:

Save the Planet: Uptight and frigid Mary is privileged, wasteful, and cares nothing for the earth. After getting a flyer in the mail with a little waving earth offering some tips on how she can save the planet, things quickly begin to change. Her attitude slowly changes to one of conservation, but her willingness to do many things her husband Harrison enjoys will be anything but conservative.

Corporate Voodoo: Sarah Long has used her exotic looks and innocent appearance to manipulate men most of her young career. She has flirted and teased her way slowly up one floor at a time in one of the most advanced technology companies in the country. One of those men is about to make a play for justice, using a very non-technical method.


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