May 31 2019

The 2018 Krop is a real workout

Kreme of the Krop 2018 by Kris P. Kreme

Over 70,000 Words of Kreme!

It’s that time of year again, and no climate changes can possibly compare to the changes readers are in for with this year’s Kreme of the Krop 2018. It’s the best brand new tales from last year, and what better way to lead off than with a brand new SINtendo tale, that is sure to educate you in the importance of staying in shape. Though what shape Chloe and her best friend Taylor are in by the end of their competitive jog will be anyone’s guess.

According to the guys Chloe grew up with, the boys on her street that always treated her like a baby sister, SINtendo E-Race is an interactive AI fitness application that makes jogging into a competition, a race, between her and Taylor. It’s a cool new concept in motivation for getting a good run in, the little E-Race downloaded onto Chloe’s phone, Bluetooth connected to Taylor’s phone, allowing both to hear the E-Race announcer through their earbuds.

As Chloe explains, neither will have any advantage, the E-Race using GPS and satellite navigation to create a custom randomized race route, telling them where to run, what to do at every turn in the race. They may go left, may go right, may climb stairs, may go down them; it’s anyone’s guess where Chloe and Taylor will be jogging, trying to outrace the other to one of several cool down and stretching opportunities.

But just where is this supposedly randomized race route leading the girls? Taylor is suspicious almost immediately, Chloe caught up in beating her best friend, barely aware they might be racing right into the bad part of town. And what is up with the bizarre instructional stretches, that quickly begin to seem inappropriately intimate?

In the end Chloe and Taylor may find their ultimate finish line to be surrounded by familiar faces doing unfamiliar things with their bodies, and thanks to SINtendo E-Raced, their morally fit minds may be forever erased.

And yet the fun doesn’t end with Chloe and Taylor getting in shape, there’s more fun to be had Days Later when we revisit the first Kreme of the Krop tale, one that takes place days later from an ordeal that left a once upstanding father and electronics chain salesman forever altered with the impossible cock of a porn star. Just one look at it instantly changes others into porn stereotypes of themselves. So check in days later and see what a typical day at work has become for the man with the magical dick.

Then revisit the tale of a man trapped at work when everyone is off, awaiting an important meeting, killing time and quite possibly the inhibitions and morality of his own wife and son when he plays a little game on his phone called SINtendo ContactHIGH.

Next it’s onto the pauses between the action, the Pregnant Pauses, and all the Professional Problems those pauses cause when a boy finds himself with a harem of knocked up sluts willing to do anything for him, needing to properly support the group he now calls his own.

And after a brief appetizer of humor, where Yo’ Mama jokes take on a whole new intensity thanks to a strange visitor, this year’s Krop concludes with a truly warm welcome to new neighbors who might be more than they seem, introducing all manner of perverse products to the women of The Welcumming Committee.

It’s a feast of reading you’ll likely overindulge on, but remember, there’s always a way to E-Race those calories with SINtendo.


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  1. River Ghost

    I love the Remote Chances stories (especially the latest)! Some of your best work. Any plans for more books in that series?

    1. Kris P. Kreme

      I don’t think I’ll have a story for Reader’s Choice Month, but I have a couple of rough ideas to work on. Thanks for the comment!

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